The Little Things Matter With Phil Learney!

Had a couple of interesting conversations this week and the comments “It won’t make that much difference”, “I had a little …………. with it, only a little though” and “I only had one” and it got me thinking.

I have a client who has a chocolate obsession and got bought a tub of chocolates. She called me and said “Its ok, I’ll just have one a day”……bearing in mind that she is an athlete who competes in weight classes I pulled up some stats to tell her and also the fact that it is STILL a full box of chocolates (and she has a chocolate addiction which she would feed).

This box of chocolates weighed 270g with the average chocolate weighing 8g. Over the course of 34 days she would consume 1382k/cal and a total of 15 teaspoons of sugar.

I decided to put together a little piece on ‘The Little Things’.

FAT LOSS is a serious business and needs serious resolve to achieve impressive results. All too often I see people fail on little things so this may give you an idea.

This is a weekly intake which I think for a Western diet is actually pretty conservative. Bare in mind also I have just listed a few things that may ‘add up’.

This is the same weekly total amassed over a year……now don’t look at this and say ‘but I don’t consume that every week’……this is a SNAPSHOT of a very conservative week based on the dietary logs I’ve seen over the past 15 years.

So how does this fair up? Over the course of a year this, based on the caloric estimate of what fat has per pound you would gain 20lbs of Subcutaneous Bodyfat!

You would also consume about 10 bags of sugar!

Might be worth considering the ‘little things’ a little more if you’re serious about compositional change!!

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