The Four Pillars Of Power - Part 1

The mind is often referred to as the most powerful tool you have – I am inclined to agree, to achieve it you have to believe it. You can almost smell the cheese on that one it is so cliché but often these old sayings ring so true and there are few truer than this one.

I feel I am in a position to comment on mind-set and ways to improve it, sustain it, grow it and protect it because I have for many years (since starting my lifestyle as it is today) being at the end of a lot of criticism. ‘’Why would you want to eat that?’’ or ‘’you have no life’’ are very common remarks, or were. Today I get nothing but positivity but that is because I moulded my life that way, it is no coincidence.

For those of you who are not familiar, Kris Gethin created something known as the ‘’Four Pillars of Power’’ which are the corner stones of positive thoughts and breeding ground for a stronger mind-set.

In this episode I am going to lay down the laws from the first pillar, the first step to a finely tuned mind for a successful transformation.
Burning Bridges & Building New Ones

As the title suggests the first ‘’pillar of power’’ is all about addressing the bonds you have with the people you spend most of your time with on a daily basis, whether that is in person or via the internet/phone. Is it a positive relationship or a negative one? Do they enhance your mood or they continuously bring it down?

Write down the 6 people you spend most of your time with and by their names write down how they impact your life. They say you are a product of the 6 people you interact with most.

Once the ground work is done the next bit requires action. Based on your findings you need to address the influence of these people. If it is negative, either cut ties or guard yourself in a way which means they cannot make negative comments about certain things if you don’t share it with them. The positive people, that’s easy – embrace them!!
In relation to a transformation a study determined that you are 57% more likely to be obese if your friend is due to their eating habits and a mind blowing 171% if they are your partner!! The power of association is strong.

Fortunately, a second study shows that positive influences can be had from anywhere meaning you don’t need ‘’real life’’ interaction with somebody to benefit from their company. This is a wonderful thing because with the power of social media you can reach just about anybody. The first ‘’pillar of power’’ recommends focussing on building a network of people around you who have a positive influence on your life.

By weeding out the negativity in your life and focussing exclusively on the positives you should notice that eating well and training becomes an easy part of your life, not a constant battle!

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