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My ‘’come up’’ in this industry was a relatively organic route. From almost day one as somebody with a passion for fitness and looking ‘’buff’’ I was surrounded by some of the biggest and best names the industry had to offer – Kris Gethin was my first being my cousin, soon after came Neil Hill, from there I got to know several IFBB Pros like Zack Khan and Flex Lewis on a personal level and today the list is as long as both arms. I am not saying this to sound cool or popular, instead I am sharing this with you to offer a little insight into how I believe more people should focus their efforts on if their goal is the same as the 16 year old me!!

Today my social network within the fitness industry allows me to reach out to so much information and knowledge at the push of an email if I need it. That right there was earned, it took time to build a rapport with each person but boy is it worth it! So why am I telling you this?

1 – Knowledge Is Power
From 16 years old Kris drummed into me that knowledge is power, which always stuck with me. To feed my addiction for knowledge I quickly expanded upon this as I got to know more and more of the elite. There wasn’t a single person I met who I didn’t interview; I was on a mission to expand my knowledge. Seven years down the line I now have all of those thoughts and opinions to call upon and compare when needed. As someone with a passion for helping others, specifically for trainers I think this is priceless!!

2 – Power of Association
There is no doubt knowing the people I do in the industry has helped at certain times to open doors which might have been harder to force open otherwise. Whether it is to get an interview with a high profile WWE wrestler, go and have a workout with a world leading coach or go for lunch with Mr Olympia having these contacts really help. Don’t get me wrong, every single person I am close within the industry is because I like them and respect them, however many of them have their professional benefits as well.

3 – Right Place, Right Time
I believe in making your own luck and to do that you need to be putting yourself in the right place for the right time to happen!! There have been several occasions where knowing the right people in the industry has put me in line for a particular opportunity.

As a fitness professional looking to make shockwaves in the industry you have to really put yourself out there, put the graft in and be prepared to do everything for nothing to begin with. Once you win that race it becomes fun!

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