Pimp My Digestive System - ''You Are What You Absorb''

The saying ‘’you are what you eat’’ has good intentions but it isn’t right, ‘’you are what you absorb’’ is a far more accurate and correct statement. The first term suggests that calories are all that matters and whatever numbers you ingest ultimately determine your health and body composition. In contrast the latter looks way beyond that over simplified idea and addresses the very important issue of efficient usage of nutrients. The body won’t necessarily absorb something just because you eat it.
Whilst on the topic of ‘’absorption’’ we are going to cover a few key areas you can focus on to improve your digestive performance and allow your body to absorb nutrients more readily.

1 – Fibre
Too many people fail to meet basic fibre requirements which could be anywhere between 20-60g a day depending on weight, gender, calorie intake and diet type. By increasing your natural fibre intake by eating more single ingredient foods like vegetables, sweet potato and fruit you will almost by default hit your number.

2 – Intolerances
Are you intolerant to something? If you are the anti-bodies your body will create to help you cope with the foods you are intolerant to could also attack amino acids of other proteins. This will certainly deduct from the amount of protein you are able to absorb, not great for those looking to transform your physique. You can keep a food diary and monitor how you feel after certain foods or you can go the advanced way and have a ‘’comprehensive metabolic’’ test done.

3 – Digestive Enzyme
One of the few supplements we could recommend just about everybody uses would be a high quality digestive enzyme. If your diet has been lacking in fibre and other nutrients for some time the chances are your digestive performance will be lagging. Using a market leading digestive enzyme can help aid your body break down nutrients more efficiently so that it can absorb more of the food you have ingested. Our top pick digestive enzyme is from Udo’s Choice which is a leading brand in the health & fitness sector with a range of very natural supplements backed by quality and science. You can get this product with FREE delivery here.

Improving the rate at which you absorb nutrients is key to transforming your physique and perhaps more importantly your health. If you can look after your digestive system your results will flourish!

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