Photoshoot Prep - What Is It All About?

For the last 4 weeks I have shared my journey with you right up to my photo shoot with – ‘’the day’’ is almost upon us, in 50 hours I will be snapped by Chris Bailey in the Pit at Peak Physique Gym, Hull. With the constant changes to my diet over the last few days from my coach, Joe Binley it has inspired me to share with you some of the things we have done to help get me in the BEST possible condition for the day.

Along with that I will share a few standard things we do to get ready for the ball, so to speak.

For 5 days my water was upped from 6 litres a day to 8 litres (it is usually 4-5 litres on a normal day). Some will scream water manipulation doesn’t work, however when you have seen with your own eyes how it DOES you tend to stick to what you know works in the ‘’real life’’ world. As you can imagine on the 8 litre days I was passing water like a race horse eating diuretics for breakfast!! The idea is as we decrease water from today my body is still used to passing water all of the time however this time it isn’t being replaced, hopefully this will lead to a ‘’leaner/drier’’ look on shoot day.

Salt has been high through my entire transformation and it has been a welcome flavour to my meals!! As of yesterday that is out now as we again look to get as ‘’dry’’ as possible, therefore we don’t want excess sodium holding water under the skin. Within the space of 24 hours I can see the difference in my skin.

For the last 3 days I went through a depletion phase where I hit all over workouts just to get the blood moving, ‘’zero carbed’’ it and that has created the desired effect. A flat, depleted me. As of this morning I was enjoying 500g sweet potato for breakfast and I have another 4 meals to look forward to with the same carbohydrate content – lucky me, I do love my carbs!!

What I do from here will depend on how my photos look as I send them to Joe, from there he will decide if I need to be more aggressive with my carb loading phase. My last workout is in 30 minutes and then I have to get all ‘’glammed up’’ with tan tonight!

Tanning up can be a bit of a pain, I mean it’s not great walking through the supermarket turning heads because you look like a human sized carrot. Needs must and all that!! Before I do that it is important to exfoliate the skin to get a better quality finish on the tan, and I will probably do 2-3 coats over the next 3 days depending on how it looks.
As you can see, there is a lot to getting ready for a shoot. Right now I am just looking forward to the clock striking 10am on Thursday, getting my MonsterSupplements clothing on and hitting poses for the camera!!

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Next time we speak I will have done the shoot and you will be able to see the before/after shots – no pressure!

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