Late Night Snacking - 3 ''Go To'' Meals

Hunger can be a real pain and if there is enough boredom and sometimes emotion on tap it becomes almost inevitable that you are going to eat something. Whether or not this becomes a negative thing very much depends on what it is you eat. Fat loss is hard enough but dealing with cravings can make it that much harder – especially later in the evening when the temptation to enjoy a cheeky bowl of ice cream almost reaches boiling point. Panic not, we have got your back! Nutrition should be packed with fun, delight and joy which is why we are going to share with you 3 recipes which will certainly satisfy your cravings whilst keep you firmly within the parameters of a healthy fat loss diet plan.

1 – Bowl of Goodness

Typically a bowl of ice cream, breakfast cereal or something along those lines would fit the bill for a late night comfort snack. However, those are not an option! Instead we are going to offer you a bowl of goodness which is popping with flavour, crunch yet low in calories. Of course, another FitMag mousse special!

4-5 tablespoons Greek yogurt

Handful mixed seeds

Handful blueberries

1 scoop chocolate PhD 6Hr Blend Stir & enjoy! - Get yours with FREE deliver & a FREE Team Monster Training T-Shirt!

The Greek yogurt provides casein, is very low in lactose and is very flavoursome. The seeds and berries provide texture, micronutrients, and healthy fats and flavour whilst the protein powder takes the taste and overall nutritional content of the meal to a new level. All in all, an amazing concoction of flavour, nutrition and texture for the late night snacker!

2 – Fry Up

That got your attention!! If somebody said to you enjoying a ‘’fry’’ up before bed was a good ‘’go to’’ snack even when on a fat loss plan you might think they had lost the plot. As a treat, once or twice a week this is a more than acceptable pre-bed scoff!

2-3 rashers grilled turkey bacon

1 free range egg


1 grilled tomato

Sure, there are elements of a traditional fry up which don’t exist in this meal. The protein from the turkey bacon and eggs are great, whilst the fats also provide satiety and important testosterone building blocks. The mushrooms and tomato simply compliment the meal and add that ‘’fry up’’ finish.

3 – Omelette

Comfort is something we often seek from food; omelettes do a wonderful job at this! There is so much you can do with omelettes to ‘’pep’’ them up, add flavour without compromising their status as a ‘’healthy’’ fat loss snack.

3-4 whole eggs

1-2 slices gammon

1 chopped tomato

1-2 chopped mushrooms

½ red pepper

½ red onion

Handful spinach

Small bowl fat free/low fat cheddar cheese

This meal is bursting with protein, healthy fats and minerals! Sure this is perhaps more suited to those who have a slightly higher calorie requirement than the two previous snacks bit nevertheless it is a great choice.

When the need for food is there late at night, give the chocolate basket a miss and try one of these!

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