Lab Rat Or Gym Rat?

I have said on numerous occasions that I believe in ‘’real life’’ results over studies used in isolation. Having publicly said this several times I have often come under fire from avid science preachers but I stand by what I say, I think these people are missing the point. The business we are in is result based, people want to get leaner, more muscular or stronger – the results are measurable and tangible. With that said my initial opinion ‘’who gives a s*** what the study says’’ as long as the coach is getting results on a consistent basis AND doing it in a healthy manner. In my experience the ones who do this are by definition using ‘’science’’ because they are getting the results – whether or not the science has caught up with them yet is another story. Science is by no means white and black, remember that!!

Here are a few points I want to share with you on this topic.

Often I have seen people follow studies blindly to base their prescriptions to clients upon, the thing is what works on paper doesn’t always translate to ‘’real life’’ results. If I had the choice of learning from a lab rat or gym rat who has spent years in the trenches learning their trade I would take their offer before the one from Mr ‘’Studies-are-everything.’’ The thing is more often than not a study isn’t conclusive, far from it. When you have coaches who have SEEN something work for years with a very high success rate recommend something and someone quotes study which opposes it who will you side with? Think about it.

Every time I am drawn into debate where studies are thrown back and forth like missiles I instantly walk away – the thing is we can come up with studies which support pretty much whatever we want. There are very few GOOD conclusive studies which support methodology’s exclusively. If I had enough money I could have a study conducted which supported the idea that my ‘’secret protocol’’ of using cat p*** 30 minutes pre-workout stimulates protein synthesis by 700%!! You get the idea, for those who are not able to digest and dissect studies as perhaps you should it can be very easy to be drawn into the conclusions any given study supports. I was recently challenged by a post I made on nutrient timing and one guy was so sure his point was right and then he backed it up with a study – a study done on 6 people. Conclusive? Really? Mmmmmm.

Finally, a little respect goes a long way. In the bodybuilding industry we have a LOT of coaches who undoubtedly preach a lot of BS there is no doubting that. However, there are also many very good coaches who have more experience than 10 of these trolls put together. Most coaches I see these days who preach the word of science and nothing else tend to have very few ‘’real life’’ results to support their work. Ironic?

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