Home-Made Training - The ''How To'' Guide!

Rumour has it you need to have a gym with all of the latest equipment at your disposal to really build an impressive physique, not the case!! In fact, you don’t even need a gym to do so. What you do need is some imagination, effort and maybe a little space. Sure in an ideal world a gym and correct exercise equipment is going to be best but if you ever get caught at a time when these aren’t viable options then you need to think about other options. This article is going to cover the best ways to get a solid workout done at home or in the park which will ensure torching fat is always an option!

1 – Body Weight
Body weight training can be as brutal as you want it to be therefore getting an intense session done outside of the gym really shouldn’t be an issue. Squats, pull ups, press ups, lunges, upside down press ups, close grip press ups, crunches, lying knee raises, squat thrusts and a whole host of other exercises make putting together a challenging circuit easy enough, all with your body weight.

2 – All Out
To keep the circuit challenging and somewhat brutal focus on adding in ‘’all out’’ bursts where either you sprint or replicate that intensity with another form of exercise. This will elevate your heart rate for some time promoting calorie burning for the next 24-36 hours!!

3 – Turn The Heat Up
If you are a seasoned gym goer and you are able to throw reasonable poundages around you could be forgiven for thinking that body weight exercises aren’t going to be hard enough. Rest assured, we can sort that one out for you!! Focus on time under tension, using a 2 second rule throughout the rep – 2 seconds up, 2 seconds down and a 2 seconds pause at either end. Very quickly your body weight will begin to feel like it has doubled over night!!

4 – Whole Body Activity
To get the most out of your home-made training circuit make sure you include exercises for each area of the body. This will help make the workout more taxing based on the fact that you are creating a bigger oxygen debt stimulating more muscle fibres throughout the body!

5 – Rep Ranges
Just like point 3, body weight training doesn’t have to be easy! Doing 10 reps of your body weight with squats will get you panting a little, doing 50 slow, controlled reps using the 2 second rule (just up and down in this instance) will make you discover levels of muscular pain you never knew existed!!

Getting the ‘’job done’’ is not beyond your reach, even when a gym isn’t easily accessible.

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