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The impact hormones have on the body is great and so is the impact the food we eat on our hormones. Zane Bokmeldere, one of the Team Monster Ambassadors has gone into great depths about this topic to help explain why you must understand this. Once you do, fat loss becomes much easier!

It’s not just about calorie counting:

The Thermic effect of food in fat loss is very important!

Studies show that it’s not the calories but macro content that dictates body composition. There is one caveat; you can eat yourself out of any exercise regime. But a lot of your form is down to the types of calories you utilise. By eating more protein in a diet, more of the energy was turned into lean mass and increased your resting metabolism (basal metabolic rate or BMR) by 11% and diets low in protein and high in carbs showed a decrease in BMR by 2% compounded by muscle loss. Researchers estimate that 90% of energy consumed on high carb/low protein diet was turned into fat. High protein/ high fat and low carb diet will give you a better overall impact for fat loss and health in comparison to a low protein/high carb diet.

Insulin resistance: High carb intake raises insulin and affects blood sugar levels.

Different macronutrients produce different hormonal reactions and that will influence the metabolic rate – to an extent this will dictate if you can burn fat efficiently or fall into ‘’survival’’ mode. Carbs will immediately stimulate the release of the hormone insulin, particularly those with a higher GI. This means low calorie diets which are high in carbs and low in fat will consistently raise insulin levels and over time this will lead to beta cells becoming resistant. This then drives up levels of the stress hormone cortisol; which leads to cellular aging. The combination produces fat gain and diabetes. When eating carbs, it is best to pair them with a lean protein source.  These would be ideally organic. Protein combined with healthy fats will help to improve insulin sensitivity and maintain steady blood sugar as well as energy levels. This is important because this will massively help reduce the fat storage capacity of your body. You will starve the source of the stored fat, which although hard to shake off, will over time disappear with this method of eating. Training such as strength training is well known to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Making the body more sensitive to insulin improves energy use, enhancing the metabolism.

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Adding more meat to men’s diet can increase and maintain healthy testosterone levels. Another benefit of a high protein/fat diet ensures absorption and improved use of vitamins such as A, D, E and K. This also provides us with micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium and calcium.Trans, hydrogenated and processed fats are the ones which raise bad cholesterol levels by clogging up arteries, so it’s better to go for full fat natural butter rather than low fat margarine as an example.

Once you can grasp the idea that hormones play a huge part and the food you eat dictates to a large extent what happens in this context you can make great progress!!



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