Emotions & Food - Bridging The Gap In 3 Easy Steps!

There are very few people who have the capabilities of resisting all temptation at all times. Occasionally giving into foods which tickle your taste buds 10 metres away isn’t going to stop you in the long run, but what might is emotional eating. There is a big difference between enjoying SOME treats as part of a lifestyle and emotionally caving in and clearing the kitchen cupboards in an irrational manner. The latter is potentially a big problem.

To combat this you need to understand why you might do this and secondly you then need to learn how to control it.

To clarify, emotional eating generally means reaching for food which is less than good for you in an impulsive manner during times of stress or emotional discomfort. After all, this is usually why you reach for these foods – they are comforting. When you were a child and you were sad or even playing up the chances are certain foods like chocolate might have been used as a tool to keep you happy. Unfortunately that trail of thought doesn’t leave you on your 18th birthday.

When you get stressed you will probably feel like reaching for certain foods and when you do you feel bad so you continue, it can be a vicious circle. I can sit here and tell you to avoid stress but that’s like telling someone to avoid work – it isn’t a realistic remedy.

Instead, we have to explore other options to help prevent you from becoming an emotional eater. Believe me when I say these emotions won’t go so you have to learn how to deal with them when they present themselves.

1 – Alternatives
What foods do you reach for when you have a moment of madness? Write a list down, they will almost certainly be unhealthy especially in the volume you consume them in. From here you can begin to build an arsenal of alternative foods which are less detrimental. For me I love crunchy/chewy sweet food – chocolate, yogurt coated cereal bars and the likes of. With that said my ‘’go to’’ foods in such a moment are raw carrots, PhD Diet Whey bars or homemade chocolate protein brownies. All are yummy, accessible and far less calorie dense than the usual choices!!

PhD Diet Whey Protein bars are absolutely delicious! My personal choice is ‘’chocolate cookie’’ flavour and what’s even better they are protein rich, low in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. They even contain fat loss agents which make them the perfect ‘’go to’’ healthy snack, especially when you desire chocolate! Grab your box of 12 here!

2 – Structure
When people are out of sink and their life lacks any form of routine in relation to their diet and training they tend to become more emotionally attached to their comfort foods. I think this comes down to a lack of direction and purpose. If you put in place a basic structure, maybe 4-5 healthy meals a day and you indulge yourself in a little home time baking with healthy recipes you can suddenly feel good about what you are doing. Don’t under estimate this one!!

3 – Elimination
One of the simplest tricks to avoid binges on foods which damage your progress to becoming a healthier and leaner you is to simply be rid of them. If they are not available at times of great emotion you can’t turn to them. Soon, when combining this with point 1 you will learn to turn to better sources of food. Simples!

Now you have a combination of reasons and actions to take in order to control your emotional eating habits!

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