Different Fats, Different Outcomes!

Every macronutrient has its benefits, potential drawbacks and pitfalls. The trick is to know how to use each of them in your favour, it is usually that simple. Perhaps the tougher bit is knowing which ones will work for you at the right time. The macronutrient I want to focus on today is fat. Why is fat important to us, why is it that all fats are not created equal and which are the best sources are fat?

1 – What Does Fat Do?
Fat has many functions within the body which include but are not limited to –

Hormone production
Supporting healthy cognitive function
Supporting healthy cholesterol levels
Joint lubrication
Energy source
Helps the body absorb ‘’fat soluble’’ vitamins

There are more but I don’t think that we need to delve into those for the sake of this article, the examples above shall suffice. One of the KEY benefits of ingesting enough quality fats is that you actually become more efficient in metabolising body fat as an energy source, ultimately leading to a leaner you!

2 – Why Not All Fats Are Equal

Great, but you will notice I used the word ‘’quality fats’’ meaning not all fats are going to have the same impact on metabolic processes within your body. In fact choosing the wrong types, perhaps more specifically in the wrong volumes can really have a negative effect on your body composition.

For example, fat sources rich in Omega 3s (oily fish) will HELP improve insulin sensitivity in turn improving nutrient uptake. In contrast, too much saturated fat can have the opposite effect on this. This doesn’t mean saturated fat is to be avoided because it is essential for hormonal production; it comes back to getting the right amounts.
Typically, a diet rich in Omega 3 fats is better as we get a lot of Omega 6s and saturated fats from the meats we eat.

Omega 3 supplementation is the first thing I recommend just about every client before they go through an intensive transformation. It helps the body utilise nutrients, burn body fat more readily and improve insulin sensitivity. From a health perspective some studies have shown that omega 3s can actually help combat illnesses which attack the brain. With that said I highly recommend a quality Omega 3 supplement, in this case CNP Pro-Omega 3s. Grab yours here!

3 – Best Fat Sources
In an ideal world the majority of your fat would come from oily fish, nuts (macadamia nuts have a great omega 3 profile) and even free range organic eggs. Other fat sources which are great include coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and lean red meats. Game meat is generally even better if your budget allows for it.

Clearly from thee points you can see that not all fat is created equal and how important it is to get the right fats. This is another reason why IIFYM (if it fits your macros) doesn’t stack up, sure numbers are important but food quality is just as, if not more!!

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