Dealing With Stress In 3 Easy Steps!

Stress, is it really worth it? Whenever I receive a message on my social media accounts about the fact somebody is stressed and they feel progress is slow I always point two things out – context and perspective. Too many people put unnecessary stress on themselves to achieve results which might just not be viable, at least in the time frame they have afforded themselves.

Here are 3 key tips to keep your stress levels down simply by focusing on the long term plan!

1 – Be Rational
If you are progressing well and you step on the scales to find your weight has gone up slightly and you know you haven’t done anything to cause this do you really need to worry? Probably not! It will almost certainly be related to dehydration, possibly salt or even digestive issues at worst. You won’t just wake up one day and gain fat for no reason. Don’t panic yourself, keep your head down, keep moving forward and take the rough with the smooth. Over a longer period of time you will soon learn to see that these small blips don’t really mean anything.

2 – Be Realistic
Are you putting yourself under pressure to achieve something which just isn’t realistic? Maybe you have set yourself 4 weeks to get in great shape for your holiday and you keep beating yourself up about your lack of progress – well don’t!! If you are doing everything right, putting the effort in then your rate of progress is ‘’normal’’ to you. Everyone is different, some can drop fat in 6 weeks like nobody’s business others can’t. Compare yourself with yourself, embrace change and see it as a learning experience.

3 – Be Ready
To help avoid stress in relation to your progress be ready and prepared. There is nothing worse than feeling out of sorts, like a fish out of water because you weren’t prepared. Not only do you stress you feel as though you have fallen behind and beat yourself up about it! Preparation will really help keep your stress levels in check.

Did you know magnesium based supplements are a superb way to help the body relax and in turn potentially help alleviate stress? In short, this mighty mineral helps the CNS and muscle fibres relax. ZMA products are very popular; my top pick is Reflex ZMA for its value and quality. Grab yours here!

The take home message here is to think long term and enjoy the journey – it isn’t a race!

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