Carbohydrates During Training - Why?

Carbohydrates during your workout for optimal levels of anabolism and performance, very nice. But why? Often people take things at face value yet fail to delve any deeper into the topic and try and discover why!! Intra-workout carbohydrates are indeed a fantastic tool when you are trying to support muscle growth and performance, for certain individuals. In an attempt to explain why I am going to cover the topic of intra-workout carbohydrate consumption and share with you my preferred product for this purpose IF it is something YOU need.

Being Anabolic

Carbohydrates support anabolism which is why they are a popular choice during a workout for certain athletes where lean mass is the goal. The carbohydrates will help elevate insulin levels forcing more glucose into the muscle cell which act as an anti-catabolic agent. This also has a positive impact on performance due to the increase in energy available. That in a nutshell is WHY having carbohydrates intra-workout can work well with said goal in mind.

Who Needs Them?

Whilst they can be a great idea might I suggest it won’t be for everyone? This boils down to insulin sensitivity, body type, muscle mass and workout type. Some people won’t be able to utilise the carbohydrates effectively therefore making the protocol a little unnecessary and potentially counter-productive.

Athletes who carry a reasonable volume of lean muscle mass, have a relatively low body fat and lift heavy are the perfect candidates for such a protocol. The demand for glucose during the workout will be there and perhaps more importantly the individual’s ability to USE the influx in fast digesting carbs is finely tuned.

Which Product?

My personal choice is Gaspari Glycofuse – the combination of fast digesting carbohydrates present in the ingredients matrix is fantastic as are the added amino acids!! Oh yes, the taste is quite frankly stunning especially in the strawberry kiwi option!!

So should you try intra-workout carbohydrate supplementation? If you are relatively lean, let’s say 15% body fat or below as a male or 20% as a female – quite possibly! Start on lower body workout days to ascertain how tolerant to carbohydrates during your workout you are. If you don’t feel you look at all watery the next day try it on your upper body days too. Make sure your workouts warrant the extra fuel though which they should IF hypertrophy is the goal!

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