An End Of A Chapter - Adam Gethin Reflects On His Transformation!

It was only on the way up to Hull from sunny West Wales I realised I have spent nearly the whole of 2013 prepping for this photo shoot with MonsterSupplements. It has been a long journey, 4 months of meticulous eating, planning, consistency and effort. In that period I didn’t miss one single meal, cheat once, miss a workout, miss cardio, miss my supplements and it all paid off!

The shoot itself was a massive success. The night before my coach, Joe Binley came across to our hotel to asses my condition which is the first time he had seen me in the condition during the prep. As he prodded my back and arms he concluded I was ‘’bang on point’’ – my muscles were firing right back, there was no water sat under the skin. Perfect! With that we went down to the restaurant where I had my second meal of steak, potatoes accompanied with a secret sauce Joe made up. All I can tell you is that it contained almond butter and made an epic side sauce for my steak and spuds!

The next morning Joe came across to reassess me and to bring me my breakfast – yep, that’s hospitality for you! Mash potatoes, egg whites and a few other goodies including that magnificent sauce made up my breakfast. We then headed over to the ‘’Power Pit’’ at Peak Physique gym, an old school hardcore gym surrounded by walls which could tell a million gym stories I am sure. The lighting was dark, the mirror across the training floor beckoned – I took my top off to see how I looked. It was the first time I could see myself in good lighting with tan on, boom I looked in crazy condition!! Not one to get ahead of myself, Joe & my partner echoed the same thoughts – my back was torn up which made me excited for the shoot. Chris Bailey, my photographer set up and as he did that I pumped up. On the side of the gym I had a chocolate bar in all its glory waiting for me as a quick sugar/calorie source as and when I needed to stay full. S*** it tasted good, I MEAN good!

The shoot went very well indeed; we must have hit 100s of shots. I was blasted, we did super slow chin up shots, curls, hanging leg raises and by the end I was zapped. To finish it off we went upstairs and hit some training shots on the cables and a few machines for a different kind of flavour – the contrast between the two shoots worked very well. The whole process couldn’t have gone any better if we tried, every tiny manipulation made by Joe to dry me out worked. Within 12 hours I looked like a completely different animal!

Next Monday my shots will be made public, you can be the judge. My next phase of the plan is already in place; Monday marks the start of a new chapter. Strength and performance will drive my physique forward, keeping me lean and muscular. Some new supplements will be introduced too including Reflex Creatine Monohydrate to aid in strength and muscular endurance. It is a must supplement if strength and muscle mass is your primary goal!

That’s all, until Monday!

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