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Where has the time gone? It felt like I was writing my 4 week entry yesterday and now I am 8 days from my photo shoot with MonsterSupplements.com – I am extremely excited to get my new pictures out there and promote the transformation way of life!! It was 2 years ago to the month that I joined Team Monster and back then we had a very clear plan – to help our customers learn the ropes and achieve their own transformation, I believe posting my new photos across our social media, magazine adverts and website will help do this because it sends a certain message. Anyone CAN do this with the right diet, training and supplementation!

Last week was much the same, no extra cardio, no reductions in food and as you might remember I was waiting to hear off my coach IF I was allowed to have my high carb day on Sunday. I certainly was, however this time it was only 500g – a mere shadow of the previous Sunday’s 800g!! It didn’t touch the sides yet it served its purpose. I looked fuller, my metabolism clearly picked up as Monday my hunger levels reached new heights! Whilst on the topic of carb meals, try this beauty – 250g grated sweet potato, mixed herbs, ½ chopped red onion, 3-4 sliced mushrooms, stir fried with diced chicken breast! WOW!!!

One area I haven’t discussed so much in my weekly updates has been my supplement usage. Whilst you consider fat loss and muscle retention are my two main goals I have used supplements which best support this. I have listed them below so you can check each one out!!

PhD Whey HT+ - my post-workout shake in chocolate, my favourite meal of the day! On carb days I also mix this with oats, just amazing.

Anabolic Designs Shredabull – my top choice thermogenic fat burner which I use to fuel my workouts and cardio!

Reflex BCAAs – before and after my resistance sessions I knock back 15 caps, these are one of my favourite anti-catabolic supplements.

Reflex Omega 3s – Omega 3s are a must for fat loss, they help improve insulin sensitivity and testosterone production. Get them in!!

Anabolic Designs Matador – before my carb meals I use matador to improve my glucose tolerance/uptake. Highly recommended right from the top!!

There have been a few other products I have used during my transformation but these have remained my ‘’core’’ choices.

Moving on, my water intake is going up and up right now as I enter the ‘’depletion’’ phase – I am currently at 6 litres going up to 8 by Friday. It’s a chore, but everything counts now to present the best look possible. The next update will be me at the shoot, chow for now!!

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