3 Reasons Why Saving Your Carbs Can Help With Fat Loss!

Does nutrient timing really matter in relation to losing those wobbly bits? In short I would say almost certainly YES! From a young age I have had the luxury of learning off some of the BEST nutritionists in the industry. These include coaches who work with elite athletes, physique competitors and celebrities. Name dropping is perhaps a little naff but let me tell you, these guys are at the top of their game. Coincidentally they all believe in the importance of not only eating certain nutrients but getting the timing right for optimal progress.

Carbohydrates always seem to be the main nutrient we talk about. For out and out beginners I wanted to get some very basic points down as to why I believe it is beneficial to ‘’time’’ your carbohydrate intake appropriately if fat loss is your main goal.

I am a firm believe that most if not all carbohydrate intake should come post-weight training when fat loss is the main goal. Some will say what about energy? Well if you replenish your glycogen levels adequately post-workout then you should be fuelled the next day!

Here are my top 3 reasons carbohydrates should be consumed post-weights, not pre IF fat loss is your main goal.

1 – Insulin Sensitivity
The theme of this article is strictly for beginners therefore I will spare you the nitty gritty of all the intricate details. What I will say is this – when you lift weight you create a greater demand on the body thus leading to a greater need for carbohydrates. As a result you become more insulin sensitive which means you are able to transport carbohydrates much more efficiently to the muscle cell where they can be utilised. Envisage your muscles as a sponge post-workout, they will use carbohydrates here where they might not at other times of the day.

To help further improve insulin sensitivity around carbohydrate meals you should try using a R-ALA based supplement. This ingredient has been shown to help improve the body's ability to utilise carbohydrates. Anabolic Designs Matador is the premium R-ALA product on the market today and also contains several other ingredients which complinent R-ALA. Better energy levels, fat loss and muscle fullness are all common benefits of such a product!

2 – Better Sleep
Serotonin is a hormone linked with a good night’s sleep. In essence it helps the body’s sleeping pattern and guess which macronutrient stimulates the secretion of serotonin? Carbohydrates! A lot of people have a poor night’s sleep, especially when they try and reduce calories in aid of weight loss. Consuming your carbohydrates post-weight training should equate to a better night’s sleep.

3 – Social
For every ‘’science’’ based reason I think it is just as important there is some acknowledgment for your social life. Most people will eat through the day as a means to ‘’fuel’’ their day, there is less care about what the foods are as long as they can enjoy them. In contrast, the evening meal is a time of day where you like to enjoy it, maybe with family, in front of the TV or even out with friends. Most meals will contain carbs therefore rather than having to cut them out save them until your post-workout meal! Easy!

Hopefully this has shed some light on why saving your carbohydrates until later in the day might help you with your weight loss mission!

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