3 Easy Ways To Better Your Eating!

Some people prefer to have ‘’rules’’ rather than set out diet plans, I believe somewhere in the middle is the best place to be for an everyday person looking for better health and body composition. What do I mean by this? Rules alone are often there to be broke, they provide little structure. In contrast a plan which dictates what you eat and when with no flexibility will lead most to emotional combustion!! Finding that balance between the two, a blend of structure with a few rules which affords you a degree of flexibility seems to be the way most people work best.

Here are my top 3 tips to finding that balance and most importantly keeping it! Fat loss isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon and if you can learn to plod along on a daily basis you will learn to LIVE it rather than fall in and out of love with it.

1 – Some Rules
Rules are needed in order for you to know the boundaries. If you give yourself too much flexibility all you will end up doing is pushing the rules, bending them and ultimately breaking them. Set some nice and basic rules down from the outset so you don’t even have to consider whether or not you are allowed to do something. Rules I would apply include –

Set food sources per meal – don’t go outside of these parameters or even consider it
Aim to eat X amount of times a day – typically 4-6 times a day is a great place in my opinion
Afford yourself one free meal a week – starter, main & dessert are to be enjoyed here
These rules are extremely basic but they provide structure. Structure is imperative to your success because without you will certainly stray on times. Keep to the rules and they will become the route to your transformation that I assure you!
2- Variety
Within your rules understand what variety you can enjoy! Rather than sticking to the same meat over and over again, each meal, day in day out learn what alternatives you can enjoy. For example, your ‘’rules’’ might say you need to have protein, carbs and fat in the next meal – you might have been having chicken breast, eggs and potato for the last 4 days on this meal. Switch it up and enjoy a stack of salt and vinegar rice cakes with tuna and almond butter. This isn’t IIFYM (if it fits your macros, entirely – the emphasis is always on quality food!).

3 – Learn To Eyeball
Portion control is important and I wholeheartedly believe it is one of the biggest reasons why some succeed and many fail. Whether the food is good or not doesn’t matter if you are indulging in large amounts of food all day! After a week of weighing food you should be able to eyeball your portions roughly. Don’t worry about being 10-20% out; it won’t be the end of the world! Learning this trick will save you a lot of time and stress.

Three very functional tips to a better way of eating and in turn an improved physique.

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