Female Supplementation Explained!

Ladies can benefit from supplementation just as men can! There are many types which we feel can offer our female customers better health, body composition, well-being and performance! Today we are going to share with you our top 5 specifically for ladies!

1 – Gaspari Anavite
Due to the fact that our food isn’t as nutritious as it was years ago it is important to cover all bases and use a high quality multi-vitamin. Gaspari Anavite contains meaningful dosages of an array of vitamins allowing for better overall immune function, nutrient absorption and general well-being. What’s more Anavite contains L-carnitine which is a supplement associated with fat reduction!!

2 – Reflex Omega 3s
Omega 3s are an amazing fat which we can all do with, especially ladies looking to reduce their body fat and improve their health. Omega 3s are known to help with improved insulin health, fat metabolisation and cognitive function.

3 – CNP Pro-MS
Every now and then you will find it hard to make the right food choices and as a result you might be prone to fall off track. By keeping Pro-MS on hand you can use this high quality meal replacement shake specifically for women to avoid eating poor food choices. This can also be used as part of a yummy health driven smoothie!!

4 – Udos Beyond Greens
Beyond Greens is a fantastic blend of greens, grasses and seeds! In short this supplement is loaded with goodness to support healthy digestion and some of the ingredients it contains also help with estrogen regulation – a topic important for ladies looking to optimise health and fat loss.

5 – ON Opti-Women
To complement the above products we recommend using ON Opti-Women! It is a supplement enriched with specific vitamins and minerals to support the overall health and function of the female body. ON are a market leading brand having won many global awards for their quality!

Along with your diet and training plan try these 5 supplements and see how you feel within the next 28 days!!

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