Why Women Should Lift Heavy Ass Weights - Steven Rowe Explains!

Please remember all my articles are based on my opinion Client results and research. Ok Girls first things first let me get one thing straight if you think this article is going to be about the benefits of using those tiny rubber covered dumbbells or the benefits of a ‘’pump up’’ class then think again, this article is all about the REAL benefits to REAL women lifting HEAVY ASS WEIGHTS! So if you want to carry on getting little to no results and you are completely happy with the way you are then I suggest you stop reading now! For those of you continuing to read on let’s get down to business.

“If I lift heavy weights I will bulk up” This is a complete myth girls 100% inaccurate and let me tell you why.


Ladies it might interest you to know that your ovaries produce both the hormones estrogen and testosterone and that both are equally as important for healthy sexual and bodily functions, however the quantity of estrogen produced completely outweighs the quantity of testosterone which means that unless you were taking a testosterone booster no matter how much you train with weights your body will still not produce enough for you to “bulk up” just ask any average guy who’s body naturally outputs roughly 50-1 ratio of the stuff and they still struggle to bulk even with a booster.

Female body builders

Just because you see female body builders with size that towers over most men does not mean that this is going to happen to you, Female body builders just like male body builders use extremely high calorie diets to obtain such size (anywhere around the 4,000+ mark should do it in an off season) as well as the correct supplementation to support and promote growth. If you are looking to lose body fat and you are on 4,000 calories a day I suggest you rethink your nutrition.

Benefits of Testosterone in women

A decrease in testosterone in women will mean a decrease in muscle mass, Believe it or not this is a negative thing as the more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn. Therefore if your testosterone levels are low it is likely you will put on weight if you are producing a good amount of testosterone your body fat will drop! Two of the ways female bodies have an increase in testosterone is one after orgasm and two after resistance based training.

9/10 women you see in the gym today will lift light weights or do classes and not put their bodies under enough stress to force a change. . . These women are all aspiring for a physique like they see in movie stars, pop singers and models etc. The problem is the women you see on TV with such toned physiques that you aspire to look like do not go to body combat or step classes they have trainers like me who make them LIFT WEIGHTS!

Simple fact you will burn more calories and achieve greater results training with the correct weights, intensity and rest times in a shorter period of time then you will do using any form of cardio.


We have already established that your bodies do not produce enough testosterone and you are not consuming enough calories to “bulk up” so what is left? By lifting heavy weights with good technique the correct intensity and relatively low repetitions (8-12 range) you are placing a large amount of stress on the targeted area which in turn is forcing a higher level of muscle fibre recruitment, which as we already know means you are burning more calories! Placing this much stress on the muscle fibres will force tiny tears in the muscle fascia, Once again this is a GOOD thing when this happens this forces your body into a state of repair more energy is needed and more calories are burnt with the added bonus that when your muscles repair they have now grown stronger and firmer, which means you look and feel leaner you are now one step closer to the body you are working so hard to achieve.

For optimal results I advise resistance based training 3-4 times a week supported with the correct nutrition to achieve your goals in the shortest time frame.

Thank you Steven Rowe www.r3p3fitnessconsultants.co.uk Grenade Advocate Sponsor Physique Elite Specialist Trainer


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