What Nutrition Does Your Body Type Require?

Choosing the right diet for yourself can be particularly difficult if you are not familiar with certain ‘’rules’’ used by ‘’fit pros’’ to design a nutrition plan. One of the key areas is body type, in short there are 3. These are –

Ectomorph – naturally skinny/slim, low body fat, struggle to gain weight
Mesomorph – naturally muscular, can be slim, can gain body fat easier than an ectomorph
Endomorph – naturally higher body fat, struggle to lose body fat, struggle to build muscle

These are very general insights into each body type and I have outlined some very ‘’absolutist’’ points about each body type which isn’t always accurate. However, they are often are and can be used to help choose the right kind of diet for yourself. One word of caution, you often get a mix of body types and extreme versions as well. For instance, an extreme ectomorph would probably be able to live off the local kebab shop’s menu and stay lean. In another case, you might get someone who is endo/mesomorph in which case they have a bridge between the two body types. All of this needs to be considered.

Below are 3 areas to consider when deciding on your diet in relation to your body type. By reading the brief descriptions above you can hopefully make a more informed decision on which body type you are.

Rule 1 – Insulin Sensitivity & Carbohydrates

Depending on your body type and your lifestyle you will be more/less insulin sensitive than others. If you are not insulin sensitive it means you will struggle to utilise carbohydrates particularly well, at least on a frequent basis. This can be reversed by using carbs when needed i.e. post weights and periodically during ‘’high days.’’

Endomorphs would typically do much better on a very low carb diet with higher fat and protein. In contrast ectomorphs need carbohydrates to build muscle and they will utilise them much better due to their natural insulin sensitivity. Mesomorphs will somewhere in between, they typically won’t use carbs as well as ectomorphs yet they will have a need for them at given points.

Rule 2 – Calorie Intake

As you might have guessed, an ectomorph will require more calories to build muscle than an endomorph. A calculation might suggest they only need 3,000 calories based on weight, but if you consider their gifted metabolic rate they might need 5,000 calories to make that weight gain become a reality. Again, in contrast an endomorph will need to be more careful especially if their body fat is already 20+%.

Rule 3 – Body Composition

As well as your body type you need to address the current condition of your physique. For example, you could have an endomorphic mesomorph with 7% body fat who trains like a Spartan who would arguably require carb refeeds every 5-7 days. In contrast, you might have an extreme ectomorph with 17% body fat who needs to earn the right to eat carbs on a regular basis.

Hopefully the points and explanations outlined can give you some idea on where you need to take your diet!

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