Teach Your Body The Art Of Carb Tolerance!

We all know somebody who has the glucose tolerance of a Greek God, whatever they eat the layer of fat between their skin and abdominals remains paper thin at worst! Unfortunately most of us don’t have that luxury, it isn’t in our DNA and there isn’t a lot we can do other than moan about it. Well, that isn’t actually strictly true. I mean, yes we can continue to moan about it but we can actually influence how glucose tolerant we are to an extent. Three words ‘’enhanced insulin sensitivity.’’
If you can focus on improving insulin sensitivity you can have a portion of what your mate has in terms of flexibility. There are several things you can do to do this.

1 – Get Lean!
Easier said than done, granted. However, if you can conjure up the mental strength to get yourself lean over a transformation period (men 10% body fat, women 16% body fat) then you instantly open yourself up to a little more choice in terms of food.
If you are craving some cheesecake having a slice or two post-workout won’t be such an issue, it might in fact help you! The same can be said for periodic refeeds, typically once a week at this level of condition. Having a high carb day with a few treats thrown in will potentially help you stay lean and sane. This all comes after you have spent time earning this level of condition. So, point 1 – get lean and become more insulin sensitive!

2 – Eat More Fat!
Fats are wonderful and they often get a bad rap in the media. In relation to improving insulin sensitivity here is a little bit about the science. The cell where nutrients are transported to in order to be processed by the mitochondria is surrounded by 2 layers of liquid within the cell membrane. The type of fats you eat will dictate the texture of this fluid. Healthy fats, mono & poly-unsaturated fats will make it more ‘’fluid’’ allowing for better nutrient absorption and in turn less insulin left in the blood (often the root cause of insulin resistance). In contrast, too much saturated fat can make this fluid more ‘’rigid’’ this impairing nutrient absorption. With that said, eat oily fish, supplement with Omega 3s and organic eggs.

3 – Be Strategic With Carbohydrates
I hope if you are reading this article that you do some form of resistance training and more importantly some heavy duty lifting with relatively heavy weight. Consuming your carbohydrates post-workout will help you make better use of them. Why? When you lift weight you become more insulin sensitive as there is an up-regulation in various enzymes which helps the muscle act like a sponge to glucose in simple terms.

If you follow these 3 simple steps you can slowly begin to enjoy a better life/training balance whilst keeping that body intact!

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