Ripped Abs Don't Equate To Health! Get Healthy, Get Lean!

Washboard abdominals seem to be regarded as synonymous with vitality and health. Is this really so? Does having the physique of a Spartan warrior sculpture mean you are super healthy? Not necessarily, NO! There are two ways to look at this, and I think one is the right way whilst the second is the normal way.

1 – Healthy body achieved by eating plenty of nutrient dense foods, fibre, water and exercising. As a by-product the body is nice and lean.
2 – Lean physique yet there is little regard for health, micronutrient deficiency is rife and there is little care for immune function and digestive performance.
The second example is by far the more common occurrence of the two, yet from the outside you could be fooled. A ripped physique doesn’t necessarily represent health YET being healthy is synonymous with being relatively lean. There is a difference!

How do you achieve the first example? The first port of call is focussing on health. Health is defined as the ‘’correct function of metabolic processes within the body.’’ This means in plain old English –

. Strong immune function
. Efficient digestive system
. Normal hormonal balances
. Mental alertness/cognitive function
. Normal cholesterol levels
. Normal blood pressure/resting heart rate
. Healthy blood PH levels

There are many other factors which determine what ‘’healthy’’ means but you get the picture. So, does having a 6 pack mean all of the above in check amongst other things? Absolutely not! There is no way having a ripped mid-section guarantees you are healthy, if you believe it does think again. In fact, many in the industry who sport such a look are unhealthy. Nutrient deficient, high blood pressure, poor immune function and poor digestive health. Don’t take this out of context, many are healthy but just remember that ‘’look’’ doesn’t guarantee health.

In contrast, being healthy makes getting lean much easier! The body stores poisonous toxins in body fat tissue. Therefore in theory the more toxic your body the body fat it needs to store these toxins. Intolerances can also cause inflammation which has a big impact on stubborn body fat around your abdominal region. Being nutrient deficient can make assimilating certain nutrients very hard for the body in turn making fat loss very hard. Thyroid and adrenal gland fatigue can also play havoc with your fat loss goals. All of these points are related to good/bad health.

Looking after your health will generally look after your physique in an ‘’every day’’ context!

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