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We often address eating habits, exercise volume and topics which spiral off each of the said titles. There is a lot to talk about and possibly even more to think about! However, one of the areas we want to really address which many may overlook is the company they keep. This refers to everyone from your parents to your siblings to your partner and everyone in between. That guy you always natter with for 30 minutes after your workout in the changing room – him to!

Like it or not everyone who you are in close contact with on a relatively regular basis has the power to influence you both positively as well as negatively. You get those who preach the age old ‘’go on, one won’t hurt’’ spiel whilst you get others who support you right down to crunch time when perhaps you need it more than ever.

Once you accept each person you choose to spend time with has the ability to affect you as an individual you can then begin to sort things out, but only once you accept it! Try and afford yourself a few minutes each day and ask ‘’how does that person affect the way I behave, think, feel and act?’’ It is a very deep set of questions, you can’t deny that. For some it might be a bit daunting, maybe the truth worries them! What if you realise that someone very close to you, perhaps your partner is in fact very negative towards your life? What should you do then?

The truth is there is no right or wrong answer; there are several options which will depend on how you can interpret your thoughts and apply any changes you might want? Sometimes you can raise a point with the person concerned and then make positive changes. Sometimes you can’t and this is where a tough decision then presents itself. Do you put up with it or do you part ways? Only you can decide that. Decision making isn’t really the point of this article, it’s there to activate your mind to question how people influence and affect you. How you decide to make changes once you realise the truth is up to you.

To conclude, the influence people have on us is massive and it can potentially become problematic. In contrast, keeping company with people who are positive can have a massive impact on your life in a positive light. Ever notice that people who are successful and achieve what they want keep company with likeminded people? Food for thought.

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