Mind Games - Deal With Them!

I often say that to achieve a mind blowing transformation you need a mind of granite. This isn’t even in relation to ‘’will power’’ I am talking about the mental toughness required to endure days where you think that you aren’t progressing! Is there anything more dissatisfying, heart breaking or demoralising as sticking to the plan only to feel as though you have not progresses or even worse gone backwards??

The truth is we all have been there. It has been 8 weeks, things have gone relatively well and all of a sudden you wake up, step on the scales, look in the mirror and think ‘’screw this, my progress just isn’t where I want it to be. What is the point?’’ This is a very common occurrence so the first thing you need to remember is not to freak out! If you have been true to your plan, you have progressed up until this point then the chances of you going backwards is almost nil! Days like this will crop up and the best way to address them is to forget them!! There is a massive difference between hitting a real plateau where changes are needed and those days where you feel the world is about to end because you feel so low about your progress. Brush your shoulders off and keep your head up.

If you don’t this can often start a negative relationship between exercise, healthy eating and you! Some will crack and go on a binge which will cause further damage to their morale! Others will just make drastic changes to their plan often leaving them puzzled as to what is actually working or not as the case may be!!

I would be lying if I said I could stop these feelings disappear for you, there will be the occasional day when you can’t help but feel down about your rate of progress. The good news is that it is nearly ALWAYS a mental thing and that physically you are probably progressing – you just can’t see it and as a result you get down.

Even a new mirror in a new house can cause issues because the lighting is different. A lot of people compare themselves to models or actors in a very well lit environment – the physique is the same, it’s just the lighting that has changed! Know that, and know that if you had the same lighting you would look that much better if you are already in good shape!!

The key here is to keep a perspective on it all, a bad day is just that – nothing to lose sleep over!

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