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This morning I made a status on my Facebook ‘’Fan Page’’ – it went something like this.

‘’As my experience grows and I work with more people and interact with more people I can begin to make more observations. Possibly the biggest one and the one which has really grown to BUG the s*** out of me is the yo-yo dieter. As its Easter this is probably a relevant time to discuss it. How many people consumed their body weight in chocolate only to say ''tomorrow I am going to get back on it’’?? Back on what is my question? Like I keep saying, a lot of people don't have the will power necessary to avoid their favourite foods in the long run and maybe it doesn't matter. Instead, I would URGE anyone who falls into this category to make a ''lifestyle'' choice.’’

It was sparked by a weekend with the family actually and the final straw was when a friend told me they are ''starting their diet AGAIN’’ this Monday. I love it when people begin to take better care with their eating habits, really I do. What I detest is those who try living like a professional physique competitor 5 weeks out from a show only to crumble within 7 days and go totally the opposite way hitting every cake, pie and biscuit shelf in the local supermarket!!

If that is your idea of a healthy ‘’diet’’ then it might be wise to reconsider.

I speak from experience; in the past I have lived like a saint for months for one photo only to spike the local MacDonald’s turnover dramatically in ONE day with my order list!! Joking aside, I have been there and done it. Ordering 6 burgers, nuggets, litres of ice cream and continuing to for days! In hindsight I find it quite upsetting because it’s actually bordering on an eating disorder, one extreme to the other within 24 hours. One day it isn’t ok to eat one biscuit, the next I can 5 packets and it’s OK! That’s not good!

So I know what it is like, you have the best intentions, realise you have grossly misjudged your ability to stick to the plan. The reality is your will power doesn’t match your goals, like it or not!! It takes a mammoth effort to get in ‘’ripped’’ condition and stay there. Is it really a priority for you? How about being healthier, stronger, and leaner first? Almost everyone could improve their diet and work harder in the gym dramatically which will lead to progress yet it won’t completely turn their life on its head. It might come across as a bit soft or maybe I have lost my ‘’hardcore’’ edge but when I see people on a daily basis skip from one extreme mind-set to the next it strikes a nerve.

This isn’t what I set out to achieve, it isn’t what I want to promote. Long term, sustainable improvements are! What that constitutes exactly differs from one person to the next! What I will recommend is –

Don’t make massive commitments which will cause you pain on a daily basis, saying things like ‘’no chocolate for 6 months.’’ That will almost certainly drive you to breaking point undoing all of the other improvements you have made. This doesn’t mean eat loads of chocolate, but once or twice a week is cool!

Eat the majority of your calories from single ingredient foods! Plenty of meat, fish, green veg, root veg, fruit and some grains and dairy. Make sure you are always hydrated as well, plenty of water!

Exercise 3 times, hard. ‘’Hard’’ is relative to your current efforts. If you don’t currently exercise then 3 power walks a week will have an impact! Whatever you do, turn the heat up a notch or two!

Enjoy your life, make it a lifestyle you can endure for the long haul! If this means having a Sunday roast every week and a ‘’free meal’’ once a week as well go for it.

I guarantee you these ‘’rules’’ will make for a more fruitful and enjoyable approach to your current yo-yo plan!

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