KO'ing Your Excuses!!

Have you ever stopped to hear yourself speak? Those excuses you keep spieling off are getting old and nothing is changing for you. You need to take a new perspective on things, you need to stop the moaning and start to get things DONE if you ever want to get that body you promised yourself for the last 156 Mondays!!
I come up against excuses every day; I have a vast client base of people from an entire range of backgrounds. Some wealthy, some not, some with crazy working hours, some with family commitments, some with international travel commitments. The common theme is that they all have obstacles which could easily translate into excuses if it is allowed.

Here are the 3 most common ones I hear and more importantly why they are completely irrelevant to your lack of progress!!

1 – Lack Of Time
Sorry, does this mean you don’t eat? Forget eating every 3 hours, you must eat 2, 3 or even 4 times a day? Maybe more. Why is it that you ‘’have to’’ eat crap food sources? Because you are short on time and need something convenient? I thought so, that old chestnut! Don’t fear, I have your back on this one!
Boiled eggs, pre-cooked package chicken breast, nuts, fruit, natural yogurt, natural cottage cheese, oats/protein powder, beef jerky, smoked salmon and protein bars. All of these foods require as much ‘’prep’’ work as opening a bag of crisps. Let’s not hear you ever complain about a lack of time being the reason you eat crap food again, OK? It is a choice!!

2 – Lack Of Variety
Again, this argument has more flaws (I know, floors!!) than the Empire State building! There are many different meats you can enjoy, some of which you will have never tried. Ostrich burgers are a treat let me tell you! The diverse range of vegetables and fruit on offer also give you a wide list of flavours and textures to enjoy.

3 – Cost
Sure we can’t all afford the best food sources, that’s understandable. However, to suggest that eating healthy is out of your reach is a bit of a cop out. You don’t need to eat the same amount of protein as a Mr O!! Eggs, whole chickens, chicken thigh, smoked salmon, frozen vegetables, frozen fish are all examples of cost effective foods which make a great choice over your usual junk!!

Your excuses are disappearing by the minute, soon you will have none left!

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