Introducing Max Willcocks - Team Monster Ambassador #2

Introducing Team Monster Ambassador 2, Max Willcocks.

A word from the Editor – One area of FitMag we really wanted to improve this year was our endurance content. In short we wanted more expert advice on endurance based sport and I felt Max Willcocks was the man to spearhead that goal! Max runs marathons for fun, they barely make his heart flutter. Max is more accustomed to ‘’super endurance’’ events including time trials from London to Edinburgh!! Max does more mileage in a year than a sales rep’s car!! He also has a very impressive physique worthy of a Men’s cover shoot. All in all, Max has been there and done it when it comes to endurance which is why he is on the team!

5 quick Snap questions to learn more about Max Willcocks!

1- What is your background?

I left school and went straight into playing professional rugby with Harlequins RFC. This is where I spent three years working on Olympic lifting and strength & conditioning. I never felt like rugby was where I wanted to be both professionally and from a sports point of view and as such I've transitioned into elite endurance sports. These range from 150 mile non-stop ultra-marathons, iron man's and 48hour cycle sportives. I now work as a personal trainer in between trying to train 4-5 hours a day for my own athletic endeavours. I've ranked highly in several 100 mile races and finished some gruelling endurance multi-sport races. It is a pure love for pushing the boundaries and competing in these events (not just completing them) that drives me on. If you want to find out what you're made of, try taking on a 100 mile run.

2 - What is your stance on good nutrition?

Second only to actually putting the effort in to do the training nutrition is vitally important in an endurance world. Endurance athletes are unique in that they can require anywhere up to 5000-6000 kcal's a day to support a competitive lifestyle yet still have relatively low body fat. To fuel your body for this amount of training there is no substitute for a good clean diet with a healthy amount of fat protein, a good supply of sugar and a well-balanced carbohydrate intake. Eating clean is always important but all the more so when you're trying to adapt your muscular system to perform for hours on end each day.

3 – What motivates you to live this lifestyle?

There are so many races and competitions out there that I really want to try to be competitive at. With so many beautiful places in the world and the chance to really connect with them through a race is very inspiring. Unfortunately sometimes I just want to keep doing it because I know someone else has already done it and I want to try and go one step further. Bottom line- as much as it hurts, it makes me happy!!

4 – What is your top piece of advice for our customers looking to get healthy and shape up?

The absolute best thing that someone can do is find something that suits them and that they love to do. It doesn't matter if its squash, lifting weights or running, exercise is for everyone. If you find something you love to do, you'll end up being great at it. If you then put in place a good nutritional plan then you're never going to fail.

5 – What do you hope to give to our customers with your content on FitMag?

Hopefully I can share some of my regular training routines and advice for people who might be looking to become more of an endurance junkie. With every race you learn something new & can take that into your next week’s training. I tend to feel that endurance sports are growing rapidly in the UK and would love to help anyone and everyone put some great training routines together to get fitter, faster and stronger.

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