Introducing Mark Doherty, Team Monster Ambassador #3

Introducing Team Monster Ambassador 3, Mark Doherty.

A word from the editor –

Mark has made a great name for himself in the world of transformations by consistently churning out impressive before/after shots of his clients. This is what I look for in any coach who is to be associated with Team Monster in the ‘’transformation’’ department, results!

5 quick snap questions to get to know Mark Doherty.

1 - What is your background?  

I’ve been working in the fitness industry now for 20 years...spent a good few years as a competitive bodybuilder. I’m currently tweaking my nutritional skills with the Body Type Nutrition Academy under the guidance of expert Ben Coomber. Next month in May I’ll be starting a mentorship with expert strength coach Andy McKenzie. I’ve already spent time doing internships with both experts. I'm also a Y3T elite trainer with Physique Elite. Over the years I’ve had a huge number of clients ranging from beginners to elite athletes.

2 – What is your stance on nutrition?

I believe everyone should eat to improve health using good solid one ingredient nutritious foods. In doing this fat loss and lean muscle gain will follow as a by-product. I also believe to supplement where necessary. One important factor to remember is that everyone is unique and finding the correct nutritional protocol for each person is essential.

3 – What motivates you to live this lifestyle?

Since the day I walked into a gym when I was 15 years old I developed a huge passion for the health and fitness this grew so did my passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals!

4 – What would be your main advice for our customers look to get healthy and shape up?

Eat healthy nutritious food, preferably one ingredient and definitely not processed.

Include plenty of protein and healthy fats.

Use carbs wisely and when most appropriate (around workouts usually!)

Everyone is unique, it is important to find the correct nutritional protocol to fit each individual.

Strength train!

Train for performance, overload and progression are key!

Add conditioning workouts where necessary and preferably use high intensity as opposed to steady state.

5 – What do you hope to give to our customers with your content on FitMag?

From my content on Fitmag, customers will learn tips and advice from my current wealth of knowledge plus my wealth of experience from working with a large diverse range of people throughout the years. I have a true passion for wanting people to become healthier, fitter, feeling fantastic and looking awesome. My articles will be easy to understand and apply. Let the journey begin.

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