Introducing Gemma Andrews, Team Monster Ambassador #4

A word from the Editor:

Gemma has turner her passion for fitness into a lifestyle and I have witnessed it first hand, it has been an inspiring journey. With so many ladies lost on what they need to be doing I felt Gemma was an amazing asset to our Ambassador program to show them how it should be done!

1 - What is your background?

My background is a fitness model competitor, endurance runner (10k), competitive show jumper and lifting heavy arse weights!!

2 - What is your stance on nutrition?

My stance on good nutrition is that if its not right in the kitchen then it will never be right in the gym or which ever sport you choose. Alongside that it's essential for well being and preventing numerous morbidities amongst the population in general.

3 - What motivates you to live this lifestyle?

Motivation is to feel fantastic and healthy! Nothing more to it than that! plus it keeps you looking and feeling young!

4 - What would your top piece of advice be to our customers looking to get healthy and in shape?

My top advice would be to enjoy the transition, enjoy your food and feel the buzz after a workout knowing your achieving something for yourself. Pick good clean single ingredient foods no processed crap and you'll reap the benefits, having a great physique is a by product of making healthy choices so make sure to make the right ones :) oh and of course train with intensity!

5 - What do you hope to give our customers with your content on FitMag?

I hope to bring a very real and honest take on competing and sharing those first time competitor to do's and not to do's, the struggles and benefits of dieting in general, however then portraying the benefits that come with having a good clean diet mental well being and also sharing my determination to become a fitness model also showing that anyone who puts their minds to it can achieve anything! Ultimately I want to inspire others to get off the sofa and get fit and healthy any way I can :)

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