Introducing Dan Forbes! Monster Ambassador #1

Introducing Team Monster Ambassador 1, Dan Forbes.

A word from the Editor –

When I was set the task of recruiting the first bunch of ambassadors for Team Monster Dan was one of the first people I thought of. There are few of I know who are better equipped when it comes to nutrition and training. Combine that with Dan’s great attitude and ‘’open minded’’ approach and it becomes a winning fit.
I am particularly interested to see the science Dan shares with our readers and the training aspect in the S&C department which I believe will be a huge plus for our online resource.

5 quick snap questions to learn more about Dan Forbes!

1 - What is your background?
I was an international 400m runner when I was younger so that got me interested in how training and eating to get the most from my performances worked. I'm now a strength and conditioning coach who works with athletes and general public.

2 - What is your stance on good nutrition?
Well rounded and dogma free. As long as it helps achieve body composition, performance and health goals then find the approach that is the best fit for you.

3 - What motivates you to live this lifestyle?
Life is not a read through and I'm too busy living it as full as I can. Living this lifestyle means I feel great, I have the energy to do the things I want and I can set a good example to my son.

4 - What is your top piece of advice for our customers looking to shape up and get healthy?
When it comes to exercise find something you enjoy and makes you happy, then do it often. You may have to do something you don't enjoy as much to achieve a goal, but that's never a bad thing. Anything worth doing requires hard work.

5 - What do you hope to give to our customers from your content on FitMag?
To help them focus on the few things they should be doing to get to where they want to be, not to get caught up in the small things that 90% of people of us don't need to worry about.

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