H2O Is The Way To Go!

So I believe that surely, everyone on the planet knows that water is massively important and beneficial, not only for healthy living, but it can also be beneficial for those looking to lose weight, but the amount of clients I come across that repeat this exact phrase to me “I know I don’t drink enough water, I should drink more, but it’s so boring”, is staggering!

So I just want to take the time to give you all a little reminder of some of the benefits we can gain from drinking water:

• Regulates body temperature
• Transports nutrients and oxygen into cells
• Moisturizes the air in our lungs
• Detoxifies
• Helps with Metabolism
• Protects our organs
• Protects and moisturizes our joints

On the flip side, here are some reminders of what lack of water, or dehydration can do:
• Tiredness
• Migraine
• Constipation
• Muscle cramps
• Irregular blood pressure
• Kidney problems
• Dry skin
• 20% dehydrated – Risk of death

Now at the top I mentioned water could help with weight loss, lets look a little bit more into this, researchers estimate that over the course of a year, a person who increases his water consumption by 1.5 litres a day would burn an extra 17,400 calories, for a weight loss of approximately five pounds. They note that up to 40% of the increase in calorie burning is caused by the body's attempt to heat the ingested water. The findings are reported in an issue of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

So with summer fast approaching, grab yourself a nice (preferably with ice) cool glass of water, or two, or three!

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