Gym Classes - Should You?

There are umpteen classes which you can attend at your local leisure centre or health club, yet how effective are they? Sure, I am a big believer that they are better than nothing and there certainly are exceptions to what I am about to say – unfortunately, the good ones are in the minority.

When I say ‘’good’’ I mean in relation to body recomposition. After all a huge proportion of gym class goers will be chasing fat loss (and lean muscle retention but they might not admit or know that!).

Here are 3 things which I personally find annoying about conventional gym classes and why I feel they are seriously flawed if body recomposition is the goal!

1 – Pro-Longed Aerobics
The common theme of most gym classes is to get a sweat on whether it is a spinning class or aerobics class. That’s fine, however working for long periods of time at a rate of intensity which you could sustain for another 3 sessions isn’t anywhere near optimal for fat loss. It could also catabolise valuable lean muscle mass furthering the damage leaving you with a diminishing basal metabolic rate. Instead I would rather see circuit classes where you go all out for 20-30 seconds, on to the next station after 20-30 seconds rest and get it done within 20-30 minutes MAX!

2 – Abs Classes
How many classes promise a more ‘’toned’’ tum or stomach? The problem is people who stand in front of the camera for the adverts don’t actually get to look like that by doing a ‘’Tum Class’’ 3 times a week. They achieve that with consistent healthy eating habits and probably resistance based training. No matter how many upside crunches, sideways sit ups or superman reverse overhead crunches you do you WON’T get a ‘’toned’’ mid-section unless your body fat is low enough. Simple!

3 – More Is Better
There is this notion that if you are sweating buckets, you go for hours and you can’t breathe that it MUST be working and burning fat. It might well be, however I am yet to see ONE class which offers prolific nutritional advice to the attendees which in turn will yield greater results. This tells me the priorities of the class organisers are wrong.

Sure, classes have their place for certain people. If it means someone is doing something rather than nothing, great. However  I feel that you should know what it really takes and means to get that dream body!

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