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Within the fitness industry there is a saying which has been used for years – ‘’you are what you eat.’’ In the past I had subscribed to this trail of thought but in hindsight I quickly realised it was floored. Instead, I prefer ‘’you are what you digest.’’ The thing is, most will pay special attention to how much protein, fat and carbohydrates they ingest yet they never get too bothered by the performance of their digestive system. How efficient is your digestive system in helping the body utilise the nutrients from the food and supplements you ingest? That is the big question?

Do you find that you always feel bloated? Do you have stomach cramps on a regular basis?

These might be tell tail signs that your digestive system isn’t working as well as it could. This could be down to a myriad of factors –

. Intolerances/allergies to certain foods (gluten & wheat are big offenders)

. Lack of fibre

. Dehydration

. Micronutrient deficiency

There are many more but I would hazard a guess that these are perhaps the most common issues. Some you can address almost immediately simply by drinking more water and eating more fibre and nutrient dense foods (greens!!). For many people this will sort a lot of their issues out. However, intolerances and allergies often go under the radar and can actually be quite hard to identify for some. Ben Coomber, a nutritional expert recommends a 30 day ‘’free’’ period where you eliminate gluten, wheat and dairy. See how you feel when you introduce it on day 31; if you feel bloated and uncomfortable then you might be better off with those sources of food for now. Not many people in my experience regret going gluten free!! By doing so many will benefit from reduced inflammation within the digestive tract thus improving the efficiency of your digestive system - in theory.

The idea of optimising the efficiency of your digestive system is there to make you think about the food you are eating. How is it benefitting your body and your goals? Or, how is it detracting from your health and progress as the case may be? If you can take steps to bettering your body’s ability to digest and utilise foods you will be able to build muscle easier, burn fat quicker and improve overall health.

Certain supplements can certainly add you in your quest to improve gut health, the follow are some of my top picks!

Digestive Enzymes



Greens Powder

All of these products, combined with the dietary alterations outlined above have shown themselves to help with improved gut health in my experience. All of these products can be found on www.monstersupplements.com with free delivery and a ‘’price match’’ guarantee!

The fact is unless your digestive system is firing on all cylinders you will always struggle to progress as fast you should!


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