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Today’s chronicles of Average Joe covers a very common issue within the fitness & health industry. Most people put getting in shape before health which is criminal. Without health what do we have? At FitMag we like to promote becoming healthier and as a result getting into great shape, not getting in shape and then worry about health. There is a massive difference between the two! Through our usual dialogue we are going to show you why.

Client: My goal is to lose weight this summer and get into the shape of my life. What do you recommend?

AG: What about getting healthier?

Client: That’s the plan if I lose weight and get ripped then I will be healthier surely?

AG: Not necessarily. A LOT of people follow fat loss plans which quite frankly make them unhealthy because they become nutrient deficient, malnourished due to extreme calorie restrictions and just become run into the floor.

Client: How does this stop be losing fat though?

AG: Your body is one big organism which runs via many systems which include loads of metabolic processes. For this to all happen efficiently your body requires certain vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.
A healthy body will naturally become lean. Why? Because the body stores toxins within the fat cells, in theory the higher your body fat the more toxic you are inside. This is why focussing on health can be such a great and successful way to get lean!

Client: Interesting stuff. So how would you suggest I become healthier with a view in mind to lose fat?

AG: Glad you asked!! Focus on getting in lots of micronutrients from natural food – think green leafy veg, different coloured vegetables, berries and some fruit. Drink more water, use a multi-vitamin supplement, use a vitamin D supplement and knock processed food on the head for the majority of the time. Obviously alcohol is off limits too! All of these things will help improve your health and alkalise the blood improving the Ph balance. These are all necessary for optimal health and in turn fat loss.

Client: Great, I will try this.

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