Chronicles Of Average Joe - Get Your Priorities Straight!

This week’s Chronicles of Average Joe focus on priorities and unravelling a very common problem people find themselves in which means they make next to no progress. Often a lack of progress is down to the wrong priorities people hold in regards to their training, nutrition and supplementation plans. Learning to prioritise effectively will help you no end.

Client: Adam I am concerned at my rate of progress and what’s frustrating is that I am using 7 really good supplements and I am benching really heavy now. I am also eating chicken every day and try to eat some eggs as well. Any advice?

AG: OK, first of all it is nice to see you are looking to make progress but I hate to tell you – your priorities are wrong my friend. What is a typical day’s eating and what does your training split look like?

Client: Oh, OK. Typically I eat cereal and protein powder for breakfast, at lunch I have chicken brown sandwiches, protein shake before and after weights, rice and chicken at night and some eggs with cottage cheese before bed.
My training is pretty instinctive, so I train what’s free in the gym to be honest.

AG: OK, what is your supplement plan like?

Client: Specifically I take 10g creatine monohydrate, 15g BCAAs, 10g L-glutamine, 10g EEAs, Pre-workout ‘’pump’’ powder and my ZMA before bed.

AG: Notice how you are far more familiar and specific with your supplement plan than your training and nutrition?
There is a pyramid if you like, the foundation is good nutrition and good training and then you get your basic supplementation right. This will include whey protein, omega 3s, multi-vitamin, digestive enzymes and then once you have that nailed you can go to the top of the pyramid. BCAAs, creatine, L-glutamine, pre-workouts and so on.
Make sense?

Client: Right, but what is wrong with my diet and training?

AG: The point isn’t to give you a training and nutrition consultation here, but let me give you a few basic pointers to start with.
You need more protein from a variety of sources (lean meats, fish, eggs, protein powder). You need more fat from nuts, red meat, oily fish, eggs. You need to think about carb timing a bit more, when are they going to help best? Pre/post-workout maybe?
The training schedule needs more structure too – you want to be hitting every body part 1-2 times a week, including legs!!
Then get your supplement plan in line with the ‘’pyramid’’ I outlined and boom! You are sorted.

Client: OK, thank you! On it.

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