Carb Cycling - What To Expect!

Carb cycling, effectively a diet plan which continuously adjusts the volume of carbohydrates taken in on a daily basis and to an extent fat and protein depending on how many carbs you are eating that day. We have covered this topic extensively because we feel it is one of the very best fat loss tools around yet people are still a little unsure about what to expect. Rather than go on about ‘’why’’ it works and why we rate it we wanted to lay down a few points which will help you understand what to expect when you carb cycle. This will probably give you a better insight as to whether or not your current carb cycling plan is working or at least on the right track!

1 – Increased Hunger
Carb cycling will make you feel hungry, especially the day after your ‘’high day’’ due to the impact it has on your metabolism and hormonal output. You will find by the end of your ‘’low day’’ stints (these can typically be 3-12 days depending on your body composition, type and timescale) you also feel very hungry. The higher fat, protein and fibre content on your lower days makes it more than bearable and you become accustomed to this way of eating. High days are always a pleasant surprise though; you will find yourself waking up before your alarm like an excitable child on Christmas morning!

2 – Improved Condition
Carb cycling is mostly prescribed to achieve better body composition and you will notice this within a few weeks. After a stint of ‘’low days’’ you will probably feel depleted, flat and possibly a little soft. Once you are getting leaner your ‘’high days’’ will make you look sharper the morning after! Your skin will be tightly glued to your muscles because they are fuller.

3 – Improved Insulin Sensitivity
Carb cycling is largely based around optimising hormonal output and that includes making you more insulin sensitive i.e. more efficient at utilising glucose. You will notice this as you progress and get leaner. Carbohydrates won’t make you feel so bloated, you won’t hold water as you might have before when you have ‘’high carb days’’ and you will ultimately find you can enjoy carbohydrates in larger volumes periodically without any negative effects. This is largely down to improved insulin sensitivity.

As you get deeper into your carb cycle and look to learn about the effects it is having on your physique and health look out for these signs.

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