Being A Hunk Is A Game Changer - The Rules Change After You ''Hunk'' Up

A topic of great discussion, do the rules change as you get leaner and more muscular? In a word, yes. In the fitness industry there are literally gazillions of dieting methods which all seem to be championed by some ripped hunk or babe which in turn sells the idea of that particular concept to you. In essence there isn’t necessarily wrong with this, after all there is certainly more than one way to get the job done.

The problem arises when said hunk or babe exposes what their diet consists of and then recommends that the same will work for someone else. Whilst it might, more often than not this ‘’someone else’’ usually has a much higher body fat count and far less lean muscle mass. In this instance, the rules are not the same.

Picture a topless male fitness model posing in all his glory for the camera at 8% body fat with washboard abs. When you get on to the topic of diet he explains that he eats within his calorie and macro limits and often eats ‘’clean’’ single ingredient food. However when he wants he will have junk as long as it fits those numbers – cake, cookies, chocolate or ice cream perhaps. You think to yourself ‘’if he can do it then so can I.’’ The problem here is that if you are the one who fits the description above at this point in time, higher body fat and very little muscle mass then the rules aren’t the same for you.


Insulin resistance, that’s why! If you have a relatively high body fat then you are probably going to be insulin resistant or at least far more so than said hunk above. In a nutshell this means that when he ingests something sugary his body is better equipped to deal with it and is able to hit ‘’reset’’ post insulin spike more easily. You on the other hand at the moment will potentially take days to hit ‘’reset’’ which means during that period of time you will struggle to burn any fat or build lean muscle tissue!
Another factor to consider is that a lot of ‘’fitness models’’ have similar body types. If you are naturally endomorphic then you will probably never handle certain foods as well as an ectomorph/mesomorph would.

However, even if today you have to forgo the food you want to achieve the body you desire – once you reach the ‘’Holy Grail’’ of around 10% and below you will notice that there is more freedom to be had with your diet in relation to food choices.

Remember, being lean and muscular is a game changer.

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