Adam Gethin - 3 Weeks & Counting. . . .

Welcome back, it only seems like yesterday I was writing my ‘’4 weeks out from photo shoot’’ instalment yet here I am already, 3 weeks away. Whilst it is tough at this point of the process to stay focussed due to hunger and cravings it is in some ways easier because this is when all the magic happens. Every few days I am seeing changes in my physique, the scales are being very kind and my reflection in the well-lit gym mirrors are telling me there are striations across my physique which haven’t etched their way to the surface before. Overall I am delighted with how things are going.

Over the course of this transformation I have learned to ‘’love my physique’’ more, not because I think it’s great but because I think it is healthy to. It is so easy to get caught up in achieving a look which someone else has which may potentially be beyond you, genetically. This doesn’t mean you can’t match it, or even surpass it in your own right but you must always consider that you are you and at the end of the day that is how you are put together. I have found accepting this has really helped me focus and feel more satisfied with my look. Maybe it’s a sign I am growing up in my old age at 23 years young!!

In the last week my training hasn’t changed an awful lot because I just want to keep things simple now. So close to my shoot I don’t want anything going wrong so nothing crazy is happening during my workouts, I am just getting the job done. I am actually due for an MRI on my lower back, an on-going long term injury I have suffered with for some time now. It looks as though I have an issue with my disc in my L4 & L5 vertebrae which is why I am doing what I have to do in the gym, nothing more.

My cardio has increased to 35 minutes, 6 days a week (leg day off for obvious reasons!!) and that consists of fast walking with 3 30 second sprints thrown in the middle. It is affective, try it.

Undoubtedly the most exciting news I can give you, well at least from my perspective is that after 6 tough days on low carbs, lower fat and high protein the email came through – ‘’today consume 500g of carbs, 100g from sugars.’’ My coach, Joe Binley was for the next 12 hours my favourite person in the world!! I went to town on TWO whopping bowls of oats mixed with chocolate Phd Whey HT+ for breakfast, 2 servings of pilau rice, 900g roast potatoes (no fat added on coating) and 2 packs of fruit gums. Really, I was a happy bunny. All of this was brought on because the scales had moved to an indicated 179.5lbs, a new low for me in possibly 5 years!! I needed carbohydrates, not so much to replenish glycogen levels (although I am flat) but to up-regulate my thyroid output and lepton levels as well (starvation hormone).

Today I am back to reality as I approach the 3 week mark. My weight as expected has gone up 2.5lbs on the scales since pre-carb day, but by the end of the week I expect it to drop below my lowest point of 179.5lbs. Let’s have a guess – I will go with 178.5lbs!! That’s really it for now, everything is going to plan and I am looking forward to next weekend where I readily anticipate another carb day. Who knows, maybe that number 500 will grow?! Really, a 1,000 wouldn’t have been enough!

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