4 Weeks And Counting With Adam Gethin

Two years ago to the month I signed up with Team MonsterSupplements.com and became their editor – in those two years my life has changed full tilt in almost every way for the better! To make a bang in 2013 I decided I was going to put all excuses to the side and get into the best shape of my life with a view to doing a photo shoot at Monster HQ in Hull, a 7 hour drive from my house in West Wales. It is the ultimate goal, which means getting into good enough shape for millions of viewers on our site – it is a little daunting.

Nevertheless, I needed this challenge in my life.

For the last 12 weeks I have given my all, in every sense possible. Diet couldn’t be any better, training couldn’t be any better, supplement plan couldn’t be any better and my overall effort couldn’t be improved upon. These 12 weeks really have been a period where my very best efforts and nothing less have been given.
I am pretty pleased with my look already yet I have 4 more weeks until I am stood in front of the camera in the gym at Team Monster HQ with my photographer, Chris Bailey. As my coach, Joe Binley has said ‘’you are about to go into places you haven’t been before with your condition.’’ I am at my best now, ever but these next 4 weeks will be a place where I really reach new heights on condition on a personal level. I am excited, anxious and curious all at the same time – when the tan is on, the lights are out and the camera snaps what will I look like? Healthy, ripped, strong and worthy of being many people’s ‘’role model’’ is the hope.

So every week I am going to update you now, tell you how going to these ‘’darker’’ places is and how I keep on top of it. In fact, let’s get into the first of the 4 weeks now!!
Up until the 4 week from shoot point I was having high carb days every fourth day – my day started with oats and chocolate PhD Whey HT+, enough said. Really, this far into a diet without a cheat meal and that tastes like a dessert from James Martin’s kitchen! However for now those days are gone. We have gone into a ‘’day by day’’ plan whereby my carbs are constantly ‘’low’’ (relatively to me) until coach decides I NEED that hit from carbohydrates. We expect it to be Sunday, 6 days on ‘’low’’ carbs and I pray it is because there is nothing that would make this Sunday better than a few carbs!!

Energy levels in the gym are now starting to suffer as you might expect but this is where being smart counts. The diet is doing a lot of the work for me now so my workouts are slightly higher rep based now, short rest periods and just working the body for 45-60 minutes. Nothing crazy like 8-12 weeks ago! Don’t get me wrong though, we aren’t dancing around in the gym!!

All luxuries are out, even the ever so delightful splash of almond milk I had in my coffee twice a day has been put on the ‘’banned substance’’ list now. It really is about making every edge count, I am all for that!

With meal number 4 down now and my final black coffee of the day I have a leg and abs workout to attend to shortly so I will leave you in piece.

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