4 Fit Crimes Exposed!

If you are a complete novice to the ‘’health & fitness’’ world the chances are you are unfamiliar with terms like ‘’protein synthesis’’ or ‘’insulin resistance.’’ That’s no issue because quite frankly you probably have bigger fish to fry right now other than concerning yourself with pretty intricate details about how you are going to squeeze and extra 2% of anabolism out of your body – there we go again, fancy fit words!
Forget them for now, instead focussing on cleaning your act up and stop committing 4 of the most common fit crimes!!

1 – Smoking
You don’t need me, a health nut to tell you that smoking is ‘’bad’’ for you. However we aren’t going to get into the usual stuff. From a body composition perspective smoking can have a negative impact on the body due to its suppression on testosterone levels in men. Lower testosterone levels can leave you with a higher body fat, less muscle mass and an uphill battle to change it!

2 – Alcohol
Again, excessive drinking is just dumb in any context. However, in the context of body composition drinking alcohol on a regular basis can again have a negative impact on hormone levels, namely testosterone and estrogen. It can suppress testosterone and promote estrogen, not a great combination if you are after that beach body!

3 – Low Fat
You make an extra special effort to fill your shopping trolley with anything which is littered with slogans like ‘’1/2 the fat’’ or ‘’fat free’’ but you might be doing more harm than good! Sure your calorie intake is reduced however you are probably increasing your sugar intake dramatically. Again, not ideal for insulin health which is a VERY common area people abuse thus leading to stubborn body fat.

4 – Low Calories
A lot of people tend to reduce their food intake to be ‘’healthy’’ yet end up starving themselves and causing all kinds of grief in the short and long term. Your metabolism will suffer making it very hard to lose body fat and what is worse when you do increase your calorie intake again you will be vulnerable to rapid fat gain. Crash dieting is a very common yet very detrimental practise to follow.

Stop committing these fit crimes!

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