What Leg Training Means

As the hardcore ‘’die hards’’ of the bodybuilding world will tell you a good leg session really separates the boys from the men. Whilst the almost dogmatic ‘’tough guy’’ image of back street gyms is a little overkill there is some sense in what they say, leg training is supposed to be hard. Bloody hard in fact! If you think concentration curls set your biceps on fire try doing 20 reps under the squat rack and some other funky leg work for the next 57 minutes. You will quickly realise training arms isn’t that painful after all.

So why the sudden rant on leg training and how unapologetic it is on your muscle fibres? Simply put, I often get asked how people can improve their leg development. As I get into writing some of the fundamental rules for a solid leg workout it strikes me, is this person really attacking the workout with the same enthusiasm and desire for punishment as on international chest day? We aren’t even talking mind blowing legs here, just proportionately developed athletic wheels which complement the upper body rather than make it look 10 times too big for the lower half!!

If you consider the burning sensation you get in the triceps when you press, push and squeeze and the size of that muscle don’t you think it makes sense that the quads are going to feel as though your legs have been dunked in a commercial oven? That is going to take a lot of mental strength to withstand that and then continue for the workout, at that intensity. What’s more, you will quite possibly grow to feel sick as the session progresses and even see stars as you scream out those last few reps in the squat rack! It’s all very ‘’normal’’ there is nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary here. If you want to chase that level of pain try rolling with Kris Gethin or Neil Hill through a leg session – that will leave you completely totalled!! That isn’t even necessary though, but accepting that a leg workout will cause a great deal of discomfort is!

What’s more, for the next 3-5 days you will be walking like John Wayne with extra swag walking into a saloon! Again, that’s the equivalent of a tender pair of pecs post-chest day. It is just normal, nothing crazy!

So as you search for the best, most super, clever leg exercise which promises incredible results remember this – leg training IS nasty, taxing both mentally and physically and requires a great deal of effort on your behalf. That will get you legs!

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