What Happens When We Burn Fat? Tom Brenchley Explains . . . . .

So what happens when we ‘burn’ fat?

A common misconception is that when we sweat, that’s actually our bodies shedding fat, this is not true!

Sweat is our body’s way of controlling our bodies temperature through a process called thermoregulation, which is the release of a watery saline fluid thanks to the Eccrine gland.

What actually happens when we exercise and burn more calories in a day than we consume is a lot more scientific, our bodies are made up of millions of fat cells (also called Adipocyte) which are found under the skin, it’s in these fat cells that fat is stored.

Fat is stored inside the fat cell in the form of triaglycerol. The fat is then separated from the fat cell through a complex hormonal/enzymatic action. When activated, the fat cell simply releases its fat (triaglycerol) into the bloodstream as free fatty acids (FFA's), and they are transported through the blood to the tissues/muscles where the energy is needed.

When your body needs energy because you're consuming fewer calories than you are burning, then your body releases hormones and enzymes that signal your fat cells to release your triaglycerol (fat) instead of keeping them in storage, this is what burns the fat.

The more empty our fat cells are, the less body fat % we have, and that gives us an appearance of appearing leaner looking.

So remember …. Sweat is not fat crying!

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