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The word ‘’health’ ’describes a state of metabolic function and efficiency of a living something in a physical sense. My idea of ‘’healthy’’ in plain terms isn’t necessarily a shredded 6 pack, but a functional body which would be definition be relatively lean and a strong immune function. To achieve this the food you eat is going to matter! With that little gem laid down it should be much easier to get the following points across in a way which not only makes sense to you but enlightens you!

We live in a world where the word ‘’health’’ and descriptions of a similar nature litter certain food and drink packaging. When you consider a large proportion of the population tend to take things at ‘’face vale’’ these words often convince them that the contents of that packaging is indeed ‘’healthy.’’ However, I am going to play Devil’s advocate and beg to differ!!

Myth 1 – Added Vitamins & Minerals
Both vitamins and minerals are essential to overall health and form a group known as micronutrients. However, there seems to a new ploy to make products appear healthy by adding vitamins and minerals to otherwise unhealthy foods/drinks. Products which are swimming in sugar are complimented with a little extra vitamin C and POW – they are a healthy food! This is crazy, going back to health and metabolic function. Sugar rich foods ingested on a consistent basis will do you no favours. Poor blood sugar regulation, mood swings, lack of energy and cravings are just a few issues to expect.
Don’t be fooled by added vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t necessarily mean the food is healthy!

Myth 2 – Fat Free!
Ben Coomber, renowned nutrition expert and all round great guy once told me ‘’see fat free, think chemical s*** storm!!’’ Fat free often means added sugar AND additives which sound like a foreign language. Natural foods with naturally higher fat content are often healthy as they are!!

Myth 3 – Fruit Juice
Fruit juice is often referred to as the holy grail of ‘’health!’’ It is loaded with goodness (vitamins) for sure, but when fruit is commercially juiced you will lose the fibre content. When you consider one of the best things about fruit is the fibre content and the effect fibre has on the sugar in fruit (mitigates blood sugar response) you have to question the ‘’health’’ benefits of fruit juice. Personally I regard it as water and sugar, tasty but not ‘’healthy’’ in my opinion!

So, are your eating habits as health as you thought?

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