Healthy Home-Made Baking - Must Have Ingredients!

When you walk down the supermarket aisles which stock all your favourite cakes or your mum is baking that famous sponge cake all you can think about is getting your fix! The selfish desire for more and more comes over you; there isn’t enough to go around. Obviously, after the second slice your stomach tells you a different story. After that the guilt sets in and the vicious cycle begins. So what this tells you is that you enjoy cake but you resent the guilt it can bring over you.
Today is your lucky day, we are going to run through some ‘’like for like’’ ingredients which will afford you flexibility to create flavour in your diet without compromise or at least nearly as much!

1 – Flour Out, Ground Almonds In
Flour tends to be in just about every single recipe which tastes good on the dessert menu, there are few exceptions. However if you are serious about your diet you will want to avoid flour! Swap it for almond flour because it gives a similar consistency and it is also abundant in healthy fats! Job done.

2 – Sugar Out, Stevia In
Sugar is another ‘’must have’’ ingredient for tasty cakes but it is also a ‘’must sack’’ ingredient if you want to focus on keeping a trim physique. With that said sub in stevia, a natural plant extract which is 200 times sweeter than sugar and contains very few calories! Winning!

3 – Milk Out, Coconut/Almond Milk In
Milk is yet another favourite in the cake making world but we want to watch out for the lactose. With that said sub it for a lactose free option such as coconut or almond milk and you will probably find you much prefer the taste as well! Winner!

4 – Chocolate Out, Protein Powder In
If you want to get a nice chocolate flavour racing through your home-made healthy dessert than axe chocolate! In its place use protein powder! Our favourite tasting protein powders include PhD, Gaspari and Optimum Nutrition!

5 – Cream Out, Quark Cheese In
If you want to create a tasty cream to go in or on your cake don’t stress, you can do so without any cream at all! Instead use quark cheese, a very cheap soft white cheese which when mixed with chocolate protein powder, peanut butter and a little water combine to make a stunning mousse!

Now you have NO excuses, home-made baking made easy for the healthy amongst you!

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