Consume More Water In 4 Easy Steps!

Drinking enough water is often a hurdle we all seem to struggle with, it never gets any easier. With a daily requirement of approximately 1 litre per 50lbs of body weight it can be a right pain in the bladder! That’s not the worst bit though; actually getting it down is because it isn’t the most inspiring fluid in regards to taste! Never mind that, you need to do so accept it. Water helps the body transport nutrients amongst thousands of other functions. Without water we wouldn’t last long! In fact, the human body’s overall mass is over 70% water!

Here are our 4 top tips to getting water in on a daily basis without the stress!

1 – Add Some Zest
Lemon and lime are a timeless combination which provides great flavour! They are also great for health, helping alkalise the body according to world renowned strength guru Charles Poliquin. With that said squeeze the contents of half a lemon and half a lime into your bottle of water and enjoy a refreshing drink all day long!

2- Green Tea
Green tea has endless health benefits with a high content in antioxidants. It is also thought to help regulate blood sugar levels improving insulin sensitivity. In relation to getting water down more easily green tea left over night in the fridge can be an immensely refreshing drink.

3 – Workout Window
When we train our need for water is going to be much greater due to a higher level of thirst. With that said it makes sense to get a good volume of water down during the workout, it is effortless making it less difficult for the rest of the day to hit your quota! Getting down a litre should be no issue if you are training hard enough!!

4 – Convenient Water
Keep a water bottle by you all day, really! It would be unusual for someone to ‘’crave’’ water and therefore go in hunt of it in the quantity we are talking in the way they would coffee for instance. If you keep it on hand all day long you will sip it out of habit. Job made easy!

Most people fail miserably to drink enough water; they get nowhere near their daily requirements. They often revert to caffeinated beverages which is poor logic when you consider they often act as a diuretic which means to dehydrate! Make sure your water quote is achieved via WATER!

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