Chronicles Of Average Joe - Carb Back Loading!

This week’s chronicles over average Joe focusses on carbohydrate back loading, a dietary system created by Dr John Kiefer which has gained global recognition as a means to a leaner physique via the manipulation of carbohydrate timing. Whilst we believe it has its place some can misinterpret the concept, as with anything else and take things out of context!

Client: So I read an article on carb back loading the other day and love the sound of it. Would you recommend I use it to get lean for my summer holiday?

AG: Well I certainly agree with a lot of it and the general principle of taking in most of your carbs in post-workout or in the evening. Recent studies tell us this actually helps with body composition changes. So yes, it might work for you.

What made you like it so much?

Client: OK!
I love the fact that I can enjoy all my favourite sweet treats and still get lean. Awesome!

AG: Got ya! It was a trick question.

Client: What do you mean?

AG: You are choosing a diet basically because you vision hitting an hour in the gym and then loading up on donuts all night, right?

Client: Isn’t that what I am supposed to do?

AG: What is your body fat?

Client: 19%.

AG: Right, so I would suggest someone who is going to get away with enjoying the ‘’good stuff’’ even post-training needs to be leaner. Try close to 10% for starters!!
More than that, eating well to get lean is about making lifestyle choices. It should include enhancing your health. As a result nutrient dense single ingredient foods should still make the bulk of your diet! Sure, enjoy some treats in line with your plan but don’t choose this diet JUST because you think cookies and donuts at night are guilt-free. It doesn’t work like that.

Client: Right! So things like potato, rice and oats would be better?

AG: Potentially, especially the first two options. Enjoy carb back loading, monitor your progress and be mindful you still need to eat well!

Client: OK!

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