A ''Week In The Life Of'' Part 2 - With Adam Gethin

Welcome back to Part 2 of my ‘’week’s journal’’ where you are riding along with me as I stick to my plan whilst obstacles fly at me from every direction. To recap, I am a matter of weeks from a photo shoot, I am away from home and today (Saturday) is about to get saucy!!

Saturday –

Following a nice relaxing night on Friday with my better half, sister, brother-in-law and gorgeous niece and nephew I am enjoying Saturday morning. Cardio has been done (as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow); I am sat enjoying steak with eggs for breakfast with my beloved almond coffee and flicking through the sports channels.

As you will remember from Part 1 today we have a ‘’tea party’’ – however I have already pre-warned our friends that whilst I will enjoy the evening the most flavoursome thing I will be consuming is fruit tea.
Fast forward a few hours, a handful of meals and some relaxing hours and we arrive at the electric gates of this rather grand house. I love it down in Sussex, this house is sweet! After the pleasantries of greeting everyone we were ushered into the front room, off to the side is the dining room and more importantly the table which is ‘’lock ‘n’ loaded’’ with cake, more cake and even more cake. Seriously, I can SMELL all the gorgeous flavours wafting through the air yet I don’t care, really I don’t. In situations like this the people who give in to the age old ‘’one won’t hurt, go on’’ spiel are the ones who aren’t mentally prepared. Before I got to Sussex, let alone the house I KNEW it was never an option to indulge so it was never even a consideration. It would be like looking around in a Ferrari garage when your budget will only get you a Ford – you might want but you don’t even try because it is off limits. No difference really, honestly!

The night has been extremely enjoyable, I sailed through it with plenty of laughter and several fruit teas and of course the mandatory meals according to my schedule.

Home and bed!

Sunday –

It isn’t cardio day and I won’t lie, I am loving it! Cardio has never been something I enjoy. Walking yes, but as soon as it is labelled as a ‘’compulsory’’ exercise I begin to resent it! Maybe I should invest in a pet dog to bind myself by duty of dog ownership? Then again, maybe not – I love them but I also like to give them back when I want some piece!!

So breakfast as usual, as are all the other meals in fact. Sunday is a very ‘’uncluttered’’ day with no real obstacles other than the usual. On days like this I like to learn something new in relation to nutrition and then completely switch off. Whilst dieting I think it is essential that you don’t drown yourself with the crap that goes a long with it – forget about it, get on with other fun tasks and enjoy your time rather than feel sorry for yourself. I have been doing regular trips to the local convenience shop to get the rest of the tribe their weekly fix of ice cream – does it bother me? No, it’s quite therapeutic. For that 70 second window you stand in the queue you believe it might be for you. I am joking, just in case you haven’t grasped my humour yet.

Tomorrow I travel back to Wales. That’s another day in the car working on the laptop whilst heading back to my home country. This means Sunday night will be spent preparing tomorrow’s meals. Nothing new, apart from the progress!!

Again, nothing fancy, new or exciting which I do no one else can. I just choose to do it and in turn win, as can you!

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