3 Reasons Why You Can't Get Lean!

Getting lean is generally the goal of most men and women who train and ‘’watch what they eat’’ yet most will fail to ever achieve the level of condition (body fat percentage) they desire. Why is that? Is it genetics? Is it laziness or is it purely a lack of knowledge? The truth is there are a load of different reasons but we often find there are 3 which stand out above the rest.
The reality is you CAN indeed achieve that physique it just means you need to stop making these 5 fundamental errors so many others make when trying to achieve that beach body! Read on and discover why most fail and more importantly how you can adjust accordingly in order to get the results you want!

Fundamental Error 1 – Wrong Food

There is a culture within the UK that getting that toned beach body is all about watching how many calories you eat, and if you are careful enough the fat will simply melt away. Unfortunately if getting ripped was as easy as ‘’calories in/out’’ we would all be able to fall into shape. The reality is it isn’t! Whilst a calorie deficit is necessary for fat loss you also need to have special consideration for nutrient sources providing the body with the correct macronutrients, minerals and vitamins. Without them, you are fighting a losing battle unless you have the genetics of Greek God/Goddess!

Fundamental Error 2 – Rewards!

You are not a dog, so why reward yourself like one? Every time someone goes a week without chocolate or trains 5 times a week they see it as a means to leverage an excuse to reward themselves normally in the way of food. Not only that, but the ‘’reward’’ in comparison to their ‘’efforts’’ which have earned them their treat are often not on par with one another. If you have stuck to the plan for 5 days well done, but don’t expect a pat on the back or look for a reason to cheat. Just get on with it that is what the guy in the magazine advert who inspired you did!

Fundamental Error 3 – Not Enough Food

Whilst point one went over calorie counting and the second outlined binging following a brief spell of ‘’saintly’’ eating the third point addresses under eating. Under eating or starving yourself to lose fat is definitely a common error made by both men and women!

‘’I am eating next to nothing yet the abs just won’t show themselves!’’

Guess what? There is good reason for that! The body will reach a point of ‘’emergency’’ aka homeostasis. Your leptin levels are through the floor which is your starvation hormone, so it tells the body to hold on to energy! Once this occurs it becomes near impossible to lose fat if you have been eating very low calories. This is why people who do this often progress once they start eating more food from the right sources.

The chances are if you have struggled whilst trying you have made one of these mistakes!

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