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To crown 2013 with some new super-hot material we have decided to do a “play by play” on every muscle group we as a collective team of gym bunnies love to train. If you are looking to improve a specific muscle group you may well come across some advice which helps you break through a current barrier you are up against. Even if you are a beginner this is perfect because you know you are doing it all right from the very beginning. Here goes, some top tips for muscle mass!

Today’s muscle group is shoulders!

Tip 1 – Volume Is Your Friend

If you take a moment to consider the function of the shoulder joint and the amount of movement applied through this area on a daily basis you can learn something – the shoulder muscles are designed for ‘’volume.’’ Typically you will find the deltoids respond particularly well to high volume training, for the most part. With that said, for at least 2 weeks of a 3 week cycle focus on doing a minimum of 30 sets, possibly up to 40 within a 45-60 minute window!

Tip 2 – Reps, Go High!

Shoulders like high reps, mainly due to the fact that they are have a high slow twitch fibre population! Don’t be shy to go for rep ranges higher than 20, as high as 50! There is no magic number, however going ‘’high’’ will inevitably return great results from our experience!

Tip 3 – Maximum Tension!

The deltoids can be a relatively stubborn muscle group; they are quite resilient to resistance which you could argue is partly due to the nature of their job within the human body. With that said it usually pays to employ training tools like supersets, drop sets and particularly giant sets! Even partial reps where you can enforce more tension on the muscle fibres when fatigued are great tricks of the trade!

Tip 4 – Angle Of Attack

Contrary to wide belief there are in fact 7 heads within the deltoids which form the cannonball like mass of muscle! With this in mind it makes perfect sense to employ a vast range of angles, planes of motion and ranges of motion. With shoulder training you can afford to get very creative with angles! The more variation you use in this context the better.

Ever struggled to get those deltoids popping from side to side? No more, just apply the tips above and watch them grow even if it is against their will!

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