Post-Diet Growth Stint - Watch Your Numbers!

This topic might be slightly premature but nevertheless it is a topic of ‘’hot debate’’ within the fitness industry at the moment – what do you once you have finished your diet? If you are following the conventional method you will have gradually decreased calories over time which means your body is ‘’used’’ to working with less calories. This also means your metabolism is probably running slower than it was 6 weeks ago for example. With that said there are certain things you should do to come ‘’off’’ a diet successfully and avoid piling the pounds back on.

Let’s have a look at ways you can KEEP your great results rather than losing them overnight!

Referring back to the initial point in relation to your metabolism, the chances are it is firing at a slower rate than usual. This means that if you start loading in calories as you would have 6-10 weeks ago your metabolism might not be able to speed up in time, leaving yourself with too many calories and nowhere to use them. What you want to be doing is gradually introducing more calories, by as much as 10-15% every week until you reach the level you require. Digging a little deeper this will allow your thyroid function to improve with the introduction of more calories and from there you will speed your metabolism up once again.

If you are smart you can actually make phenomenal gains in lean muscle mass during this window without sacrificing condition! Often referred to as the ‘’rebound’’ effect the fact your body has been ‘’depleted’’ during the lower calorie phase means it will be more ‘’open’’ to utilising the calories you feed it IF you are smart. Some will also say that your hormone levels will bounce back creating an anabolic drive for a few weeks. So what steps should you take to inspire a ‘’growth spurt’’ post-diet whilst avoiding fat gain? Your ability to utilise carbohydrates will be better than ever so use them, however like we covered under the first point don’t go crazy because you will quickly lose condition. Done right, the carbohydrates are going to help fuel growth and they will also help stimulate your metabolism! In relation to nutrient timing, during this phase you want to maximise the opportunity the post-workout phase offers you. This is when I would recommend you take in at least 50% of your daily carbohydrates, possibly more.

Monitoring your progress is everything at this point in time! Learn to reverse taper your carbohydrate intake and keep on top of your numbers, overdo it and you will lose condition, get it right and you will grow!

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